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    Weston Village

    Why does Weston need to be gentrified? Clean up Weston Rd with a proper BIA, put funding into the local schools, and clean up the slum landlords. That would go a long way to helping the area. All the above requires leadership which the area lacks.
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    Weston Village

    It will be a long long time before that happens. Way too many issues in the area. Too many slum landlords and ineffective politicians. The airport rail link will hurt the area more if it is diesel. Disfunctional BIA, residents avoid Weston Rd, lack of decent retail and businesses. There...
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    Toronto's and Province's New 12.4B Eglinton/SRT/Sheppard Plan

    confused Can someone clarify is this service going to run underground until Jane and then run above ground? Also, isn't there going to be an ARL station in Weston?
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    Weston Village

    Well it is being turned into a parking lot for the GO Station which is being moved out of the neighbourhood. I will tell you whats wrong with Weston. Its the very fact that the residents continue to elect the same elected officials who have done very little. The community housing that...
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    Toronto Council Races - 2010

    who is running against her?
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    Rob Ford - Why the Supervillian?

    I hope your joking about Nunziata. Have you visited her ward? It ain't pretty.
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    Next Mayor of Toronto?

    Only Councillor Nunziata is quoted as supporting Rob Ford for Mayor. This is very telling.
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    Toronto Eaton Centre

    I drive to the Eaton Centre to shop with my family. I do not understand the reason behind the comment. Lets get rid of all the cars driving into the city and see how long the businesses survive.
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    Toronto Council Races - 2010

    The ward will continue to suffer. But at least she will be keeping a seat warm at City Hall.
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    Toronto Council Races - 2010

    I am sure the councillors are all nice people, but again, what have they done since the last election?
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    Toronto Council Races - 2010

    Does anyone know if any of the above besides Oates is quitting. Please, please step away and let real people with fresh ideas take over. If anyone can tell me what any of the above have done since the last election to actually improve their elected wards\City of Toronto, you will leave me...
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    Toronto | Union Pearson Express | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | MMM Group Limited

    I do not see how the ARL will actually remove any cars from our streets. At $25-$30 per person and then many times needing to take a cab or board the subway to your location who is really going to take this train? A business traveller will most likely take an airport limo since its at...
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    Clean Train Coalition: Petition

    most cities are moving to electrification, and very few use diesel trains, so who would buy these already outdated diesel trains. spend the money today to electrify. think of the healthcare savings and all the benefits if electrification is done today.
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    Metrolinx/GO Georgetown Corridor Project

    interesting how each newspaper reported on the issue. Why no Toronto Star? MOH seems to slightly altered his view, still a negative view, yet Metrolinx see it as a victory????