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  1. salvius

    Cops above the law

    I should have added, and if people defend those bums, hippies, etc. etc. who deserved police brutality, they must be bums, hippies, etc. etc. themselves, and most certainly under 30 and without property ownership (and after all, only people that are property owners and over 30 can rightfully...
  2. salvius

    Cops above the law

    Yeah, the crowd in that video really looks like it's about to riot :rolleyes: But in any case, nothing strange about that, there is a segment of the population which is wholly uninterested in police abuse because the victims are perceived bums, hippies, etc. etc. and therefore deserve it...
  3. salvius

    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Private vs public sector unions are two different beasts. Unions working in the private sector cannot push a company to the point where it becomes unprofitable; or if they do end up doing it, it means everyones job disappears. And since the city can put out a tender every X amount of years, it...
  4. salvius

    Next Mayor of Toronto?

    I think that could only be if we defined an extremely narrow left/right political spectrum or if we changed the meaning of the spectrum in its entirety. The Liberals are nowhere near far left, provincially or federally.
  5. salvius

    Next Mayor of Toronto?

    I don't think the second comment is really all that true -- the Liberal place on the spectrum has always been a moving target, often in a single mandate and I think that's just how most Liberal supporters like it. But Liberals are definitely not a left-wing party; in any case, broad left/right...
  6. salvius

    Next Mayor of Toronto?

    Surely not an automatic assumption. It's not like Ford is subtle. As Roy G Biv notes, Ford has a certain history up to this point, so it's hardly unfair to make such assumptions.
  7. salvius

    Next Mayor of Toronto?

    Liberalism has never been about protecting the downtrodden. It's incredible how terrible education truly is in this country. How can you possibly conflate liberalism with Bolshevism? Now, I do find it interesting that neo-liberal (i.e. modern conservative) parties and people have managed to...
  8. salvius

    Getting Rid Of Unions

    Nothing strange about that though. How many people have the vaguest idea of what the budget of the city of Toronto looks like?
  9. salvius

    Provincial Election 2011

    Conservatives have historically supported targeted social programs. Similarly, several NDP governments have cut taxes. So nothing lol worthy in that.
  10. salvius

    Next Mayor of Toronto?

    A quote that needs to be framed on city hall. I cannot think of a big, important city that has elected such a joke for a mayor recently. Next time someone wants to make fun of the Tea Party loyal, let us remember who Toronto just elected. It cannot be a bigger embarrassment, especially...
  11. salvius

    Next Mayor of Toronto?

    Eugenics (and racial 'hygiene') was indeed a part of the intellectual discourse in US/CAN/Europe in late 19th century until WWII. The NAZI party (and, for that matter, the communist party in USSR) was supported by certain intellectuals and disliked by others. A lot of anti-NAZI intellectuals...
  12. salvius

    Salon: "Tea Partiers as the new Hippies"

    I'm not big on libertarianism -- I think shrinking government to law/order and the courts and leaving everything else to the markets is a bad idea. Indeed, I think basic libertarian assumptions are highly questionable. However, the point is moot in any case since the Tea Party is more than...
  13. salvius

    St Lawrence Neighbourhood Lighting Initiative.

    I agree. One thing that always strikes me about the US: they light and showcase buildings of note. I always thought they kicked our A$$es in this aspect, and never really understood the almost complete lack of lighting on heritage buildings in most cities in Canada. Overall, glad to see this...
  14. salvius

    Survey: US evangelicals most likely to support torture

    ^ I'm actually quite in awe that a considerable amount of American Christians of various stripes have managed to turn such an obvious pinko-communist fellow (Jesus) into a free-market champion. Hats off.
  15. salvius

    Miller will not be running for Mayor, How will this affect Public Transit?

    But this is nothing but speculation. TC is exactly what was politically palatable - large expansion without spending anywhere near the money for very extensive subway construction. Politically smart without costing an arm and a leg. I'd say they've far from thrown money away (addressing a...