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    SmartTrack (Proposed)

    Its unfortunate that I dont think Toronto will ever see a system like the S-Bahn, RER, Overground, etc, because we simply are terrified of looking at other cities for inspiration. If we do that, we have to admit that Toronto is not the center of the universe.
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    SmartTrack (Proposed)

    Every transit plan thats ever been pitched to the city of Toronto always gets scaled back. Transit City, the RT system, the 2011 plan, etc etc. Thats just politics and the reality of funding, and that most plans in politics are always opulent and over the top, theres almost an expectation they...
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    Gardiner Expressway Hybrid Design

    As per the agreement with the province, (and by agreement I mean forced hand, cities dont have a say in Provincial policy) the city is no longer allowed to have its own transit projects outside of the province, it must get approval from the province.
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    Eglinton West LRT | Metrolinx

    The largest issue is funding. The way Ontario funds projects is different than Quebec and BC. We release funding slowly as projects go on, to lower the lending and debt that incurs with large scale investments. But it means a slower project build out. Not only that, but both BC and Quebec...
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    Eglinton West LRT | Metrolinx

    I mean the Eglinton subway only was planned from Eglinton West station to Mount Dennis. So, its hard to say specifically how you could extrapolate that into a timeline with the full system. Maybe take 15 years off the 35 years?
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    VIA Rail

    This is the advantage of the HFR route. It adds redundancy. I've always wondered why VIA didnt build some connecting tracks between the CN and CP lines where they basically meet, and could add redundancy to their network. It would require some agreements with CP, but perhaps only on the basis...
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    SmartTrack (Proposed)

    I guess the 6 planned stations downtown with federal funding are just pixie farts then?
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    What happened to London's trams?

    Here you go!,_Ontario Btw, is this really a "Streetcar" or a Rivercar?
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    Toronto | Pearson Transit Hub | ?m | ?s | GTAA

    How the heck is YYZ special treatment? AAA would be special treatment. Or TOR Being at the end of the alphabet is never special treatment, don't you remember how much Zaheer hated pizza day at school? His pizza would be cold by the time he got it.
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    Toronto | Queens Quay & Water's Edge Revitalization | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    Btw what kind of crazy person has their documents folder in the root of their C: drive :P
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    Toronto | Queens Quay & Water's Edge Revitalization | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    DSC: "I dont know what you are talking about, works for me!"
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    Montréal Transit Developments

    It used to not be this way. The Ontario Conservatives built and created the GO Train system.
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    SmartTrack (Proposed)

    The plan for the 6 GO stations that are a consequence of Smarttrack are still planned to be built, after securing funding from the feds. But they will be quite underused in my opinion without some kind of fare integration with the TTC.
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    Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design)

    The concern in my mind isnt the tunneling under the valley, its then getting back up to grade once youre under. Otherwise we will have stations at Cosburn and Thorncliffe Park that are like the stations on the REM, 80+ meters down and requiring elevators. Not only inconvenient but also would...
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    Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design)

    Transfer City. LOL. I've never heard that. It's great. There are aspects of Transit City I liked (specifically the parts being built right now, and Waterfront West) but that's just funny.