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    Kotsy's Toronto Photos

    Stunning work as always Kotsy. Always thought this would be a great idea someday didn’t think something like this would happen for these kinds of shots. Beautiful int the way that architecture and vantage points can be captured with out the motion or business that distracts from great shots. But...
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    Toronto | CIBC SQUARE | 241.39m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    It’s still a box... but the prettiest one in the city
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    Toronto | Max Condos | 113.99m | 36s | Tribute | Graziani + Corazza

    Anyone else notice their design on the balconies is not matching up to the render? (As per most renders ever I suppose)
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    Toronto | 5509 Dundas West | 72.54m | 21s | Contessa | BNKC

    Interesting design. Now that’s what smaller buildings should look like now a days not stark bland 80s flat walls and boring pedestrian levels. I would imagine in with the right materials this could be very nice
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    Toronto | 990 Bloor West | 43m | 12s | Trinity Group | Diamond Schmitt

    This proposal is dang ugly. What is with some people’s vision.
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    Toronto | 1200 Bay | 326.5m | 87s | ProWinko | Herzog & de Meuron

    It’s a nice tower simple tower does look a tad thin not sure how it’s structurally gunna hold up being much thinner then the one similar in New York. Never would have thought something this would be placed in that area of the city. This could use a bit more features or some acutectural interest...
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    Toronto | 1200 Bay | 326.5m | 87s | ProWinko | Herzog & de Meuron

    We? Meaning you speak for and represent us all huh
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    Toronto | Sugar Wharf Condominiums (Phase 2) | 298.99m | 90s | Menkes | architectsAlliance

    Thanks for that.. ya I don’t care per se on over achieving heights. More just adding random heights rather then all the same in one area. It tends to look ridiculous grouped together. All being the same height give or take a few metres. Scatter the heights around the city not just in one place...
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    Toronto | One Front | 171m | 49s | Larco | architectsAlliance

    I think he meant they could use the space for something other then a roof.
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    Toronto | TeaHouse 501 Yonge Condominiums | 171m | 52s | Lanterra | architectsAlliance

    The north side of the south tower really should have use black and not white so is to match with the base. ( just my opinion of course) hope it looks At least ‘ok’ once done.
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    Toronto | Sugar Wharf Condominiums (Phase 2) | 298.99m | 90s | Menkes | architectsAlliance

    Theres nothing wrong with wanting height and it’s certainly not something to bash anyone over it’s a simple question why not go for the mark when only off a few metres. Height competition use to be a thing years ago between cities why not amongst the neighbouring buildings with in their own...
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    19 Bloor St. West - Scotiabank

    Shame I liked that corner part. Its shape was interesting. Could have just given all the grey an update like a slate grey. With dark tone accents to what’s there now. Simplicity would have saved them a lot more money.
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    Nealon House (197 King St E, Old Stonehenge/Sonder Hotel, 4s addition, Studio JCI) Not sure if that’s it. But, I found an old picture (possibly) in BlogTO. Fifth picture from bottom says ditto 1980 above it. Hope it helps or was close. Ok looked closer sorry it’s not. My bad