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    How to seek employment in the city?

    Definitely get on LinkedIn. For one thing, recruiter algos comb it for their searches. For another, you’ll probably find you know a lot of people there already and you can develop a network for further connections and advice. A lot of jobs are posted there as well.
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    Toronto | Toronto City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | Perkins + Will

    The City of Toronto...come up with a more attractive solution... Nope.
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    Toronto | Toronto City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | Perkins + Will

    Would it be possible to criticize the maple leaf and indigenous symbol additions on the grounds that they’re visual clutter, or would that be forbidden speech? Because one of the objectives of the NPS rebuild was de-junking what started out as a wonderful and spare example of mid-century...
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    Zoning Reform Ideas

    Is a COA hearing on this really necessary? It seems like a waste of time and money for the owners and the City. I should add I have no interest in this application. It reminds me of how I had to go to Committee to extend a one-car garage at the back of a 167 foot lot by two feet...
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    Toronto | 128 Hazelton Avenue | 37.9m | 9s | Mizrahi Developments | AUDAX

    I suppose the hate is that it creates a cluttered, ugly and shabby public realm. I can’t speak for TKO, but I’ve spent a lot of time in Zone 1 in London and I don’t recall seeing overhead wires there. I get that a lot of the world’s cities have overhead wires in some locations, but what...
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    Road Safety & Vision Zero Plan

    The North Rosedale Residents’ Association is bitching about how difficult the Glen Road reconstruction makes turning onto Whitney from Glen northbound, which is (a) not true, and (b) typically clueless of them. They want the just-finished intersection to be re-rebuilt.
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    Toronto | No7 Rosedale | 16.76m | 4s | Platinum Vista | Hariri Pontarini

    My God, they’ve ruined the neighbourhood!
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    Roads: Gardiner Expressway catch-all, incl. Hybrid Design (2015-onwards)

    Would also be nice if it were tolled, like just about every stretch of expressway in Sydney.
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    Netflix Canada?

    Peep Show is on AMZN Prime.
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    Anyone subscribe to the Globe and Mail? Thoughts?

    I cancelled because I became sick of the constant left-wing crusading and editorializing from the news pages. I thought I’d miss ROB but really, you get more informed Canadian business and economics coverage from Bloomberg, and occasionally from the FT and WSJ, all online. The one downside of...
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    Toronto | One Delisle | 155m | 44s | Slate | Studio Gang

    The last time I checked, the North Rosedale Residents’ Association board was elected by fewer than fifty people. IDK if other RA’s are as unrepresentative.
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    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (nCoV-2019)

    Don’t tell Australia, which has had 4 deaths per million population versus Canada’s 227.
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    Marco Muzzo Impaired Driving Case

    The fact that Rees was sentenced to an four years and seven months in addition to time served doesn’t mean he’ll actually spend all of the four more years and seven months in jail.
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    Toronto | No7 Rosedale | 16.76m | 4s | Platinum Vista | Hariri Pontarini

    Does anyone have a sense of the cost of the delay caused by NIMBY RA’s and the City that abets them? Financing the land acquisition, hiring lawyers and consultants, and redesigning the project can’t have been cheap. I’m curious because this charade is par for the course in Toronto, and most of...
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    Toronto | Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design) | ?m | ?s

    The conclusion that deep tunnels would reduce ridership by 15% certainly isn’t consistent with my extensive experience of London’s Central and Piccadilly lines, which are really deep in Zone 1, or of some of Sydney’s CBD train stations. For that matter, the one week I took the Moscow Metro it...