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    Richmond Hill The changing demographics of Richmond Hill In the living rooms of Tehran, Richmond Hill is considered a big city. Though the town north of Toronto doesn’t even crack the...
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    The lowest income area do you mean Yonge and Clark?
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    Downtown Markham

    Vaughan Metropolitan Center has subway terminal opening in late 2015, 2016 most likely. V.S. Downtown Markham only has Viva Purple and Pink.
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    North York City Centre (Yonge & Sheppard)

    I travel through NYC a lot. Always avoid Yonge street traffic. Willowdale on the east and Beecroft on the west side are always the better option.
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    Downtown Markham

    At Birchmont and Enterprise blvd , Deb04/13
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    Expo City (Cortel) - Real Estate -

    If you exclude the parking and locker from the total price, it is really around 465-475/sqft.
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    Expo City: Expo 1,2, & Nord | ?m | 38s | Cortel Group | AJT Architects COMPLETE

    The EXPO 2 was released last weekend. It is expected to be completed in fall/2015, presumably the same time as the subway is finished. I purchased a unit for myself, the 1+1 Model G :) It was the same layout as the model suite.
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    Ivory on Adelaide Condos (Plaza) - Real Estate -

    Yes, there are still plenty of them, most of them are on lower floor (5 fl and minus) though.
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    Yorkville Plaza (Camrost-Felcorp) - Real Estate -

    Newest update on this project. Here comes the tentative floor plan. People can pm me for the more details and updates.
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    Expo City: Expo 1,2, & Nord | ?m | 38s | Cortel Group | AJT Architects COMPLETE

    I like the fins on the building, least better than the original rendering. Is there any update on when the units will be out for sale?
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    Toronto 2020 Olympic Bid

    Did you guys listen to the radio this morning? "No money no bid" Coun. Doug Ford says! Toronto is not going to bid for 2020 Olympic in Sept, 2011. We should end this thread and create a new one for 2024 Olympic...:( Major disappoinment :(
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    Downtown Markham

    I ride viva everyday and notice there are so many orginzations reside along the hwy 7. IBM, CGI,CERIDIAN, Hyundai, TD Waterhouse, etc. IMO, the large demand in jobs and above Ontario population growth will definitely lead the housing price to go even further up in Markham, especially Hwy7 &...