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    86 Dundas St E (Mississauga, Emblem Developments, 16s, Studio JCI)

    Saw this posted by a broker in Instagram.
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    Toronto | Union Park | 303m | 58s | Oxford Properties | Pelli Clarke Pelli

    It's a pretty lazy and lifeless treatment to be honest. There should be some fenestration or material articulation to distinguish the atrium section from the lobby sections of the adjoining towers. I fear we're on track for a lifeless long glassy streetscape void. Glassy flat facades, do not...
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    Toronto | West Don Lands: Block 20 | 162.61m | 45s | Dream | Henning Larsen

    Saw this image posted in a ULI article. No indication this is an actual rendering of the project as it mentions the work COBE and Dundee Kilmer are doing on the left side at block 8...
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    14 Division Affordable Housing Project (150 Harrison St, 2s, Montgomery Sisam)

    The site will include a park on the southern side.
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    Toronto Weston Flea Market future redevelopment (Old Weston Rd, n of St. Clair W, ?, ?s, ?)

    The entire area will be subject to intensification planning because it falls in an Major Transit Station Area (the new GO Station). I would expect to see a lot of work here to coincide with the St Clair Transportation Masterplan buildout. The City will certainly push to retain all employment GFA...
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    Maps of Toronto's old rail lines?

    There's was also Towne and Country at the same spot. I remember that one as my favourite childhood buffet.
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    Forest Hill Private Residences (202-208 St. Clair Av W, Altree, 9s, Graziani + Corazza Architects)

    I get that but having some small retail spaces would be nice. Instead of requiring folks to walk to Yonge or to the Spadina strip for a carton of milk or coffee. Main + Main are contemplating retail across the street on St Clair so it can happen! I've always through that was a flaw in Code...
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    Forest Hill Private Residences (202-208 St. Clair Av W, Altree, 9s, Graziani + Corazza Architects)

    I might be late to the party here, but does anyone know why ground level retail is not happening here? It's on St Clair, I don't get it.
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    Toronto | T3 Bayside | 41m | 10s | Hines | 3XN

    How did you access the old style Application Information Centre webpage? The new one is notoriously slow and takes forever just to list available documents. Downloading them is even worse... Thanks for the update :)
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    Toronto | CIBC SQUARE | 241.39m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    With RER implemented, I suspect we will also see lesser need for Union bound buses and a shift to outer RER terminals with rail connections to Union. Its pure hypothetical conjecture, but it may prove more economical for Metrolinx to have some bums in faster already scheduled trains rather than...
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    Toronto | Design Haus | 52m | 19s | Shiu Pong | Kirkor Architects

    Jeez the construction balcony guards look better than the final product will. Some yellow rails/glass would have looked good on this drudgery!
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    Toronto | Lower Don Lands Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    Waterfront Toronto is considering the removal of the Port Lands Rail Spur. pulled this from the Dec 25, 2019 board meeting appendix. Link...
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    Toronto | 55 Mercer | 155m | 47s | CentreCourt | IBI Group

    really like the pedestrian level treatment here. It's legible, nods to the area's history, brings some colour variation, and breaks up the facade with a variety of materials/lighting. Hoping this part doesn't get watered down in future revisions.
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    TTC: Streetcar Network

    Crews out on Dundas working in the catenary today. They have been moving eastward from Victoria. I suspect upgrading frogs etc for pantos