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    Bombardier shopping Downsview Airport facility

    I think these are roughly the lands they are using.
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    Toronto | 1821 Weston | 119m | 36s | BSäR Group | Turner Fleischer

    Unsure why they didnt go for something more like 2376 Dundas St W ( Half the site is essentially vacant. They may have FSI limitations they can achieve on the site which are the reason.
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    Ion Light Rail (Kitchener-Waterloo) & King/Victoria Transit Terminal

    Thanks! I had no idea. I looked at their yards on Google Maps and you're right. I can't unsee it now and I'll notice it everytime I'm on a train 😅
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    Ion Light Rail (Kitchener-Waterloo) & King/Victoria Transit Terminal

    Could it be an issue of a standing train on mainline track stationery so close to a junction? It looks like there is enough space between the end of the overpass and switch for a loco to stick out beyond the overpass and still have a line of sight to the signal bridge
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    Toronto | 888 Dupont | 55m | 13s | TAS | SA

    I suspect the upper level is accessible via elevator? I can't imagine they would propose otherwise
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    Toronto | 888 Dupont | 55m | 13s | TAS | SA

    😍Stellar example of mixed use single-site planning in a way which actually gives back to the community. TAS needs to be commended for the effort here. Hoping they work out any links with city planning that gets this over the line.
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    Toronto | 64-86 Bathurst | ?m | 20s | Hines | 3XN

    Built form is fine but my god, the ground floor articulation needs to be given extra attention in the refinements ahead. BREAK. THE. GLASS. UP.
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    Toronto | Design Haus | 52m | 19s | Shiu Pong | Kirkor Architects

    That Brickwork is atrocious. The gaps between the precast panel need some serious love. I can't see how the City could accept this as a final heritage reproduction product without further finishing and detailed sealing between the blocks....
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    Roads: Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration (City of Toronto, UC)

    In case you don't know (I'll give the benefit of the doubt here), colonialism in Canada systematically eliminated aboriginal names, places, languages and symbols off the map of this country. It's a fact. Read the Indian Act, all the reports on Truth and Reconciliation, Residential Schools etc...
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    Toronto | 335 Yonge | 106m | 30s | Lalani | Zeidler

    Looks like a wind shear nightmare for a newly pedestrianised Yonge! And yah the architecture is uninspired. The developer has to do better! They're seeking OPA and ZBA so this is going to take a while. Expect to see some major revisions on this.
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    Montréal Transit Developments

    The Réseau Express Métropolitain: the multi-billion dollar light rail project Montreal never asked for A hot take on REM and what it means for the city. The real...
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    Toronto | 544 King West | 52m | 12s | Allied | Hariri Pontarini

    Wonder if Allied has any interest in cooperating with the TDSB for a land consolidation and construction of a new expanded school to serve the downtown with the school housed in the podium and yard on the western sun-receiving side.? Office+residential+retail+school would be an enormous feat of...
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    Toronto | 888 Dupont | 55m | 13s | TAS | SA

    Great to see within the plans are nearly 4 levels of employment space. (Shown as "Rentable Space") Also includes employment space in the b1 level which is interesting to see. Light industrial uses could take up this space if it is appropriately designed. A good step forward in mixed use planning.
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    Toronto | 20 Maitland | 145m | 45s | Plaza | Quadrangle

    My vote is for community/arts space or daycare. these are tangible things that help improve a community - aesthetics aside. If we are expecting people to live and work downtown and to raise families here, then we need to push for the amenities that go along with it. The Daycare waiting list is...
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    Toronto | 35 Wabash | 17m | 4s | Zinc Developments | RAW Design

    Even painting it a dark colour would help so you don't noticed the storm drain streaks as much. All in all great infill design project, just the concrete out front bringing it down. Patterns/texturing as @interchange42 suggested could also have alleviated the bare condition