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    Toronto | MEC Queen Street (Mountain Equipment Coop) | 21m | 3s | Parallax | Sweeny &Co

    What, were they thinking? What were they, thinking?
  2. Longview

    Toronto | Halo Residences on Yonge | 131m | 38s | Cresford | architectsAlliance

    I hope the new development includes more than just the Yonge St. façade. This tower should be seen in as much of its three-diminsional splendour as possible.
  3. Longview

    Toronto | Berczy Park Revitalization | ?m | ?s

    It will stand as such, but only if it's properly maintained. The fact that it has become so important so quickly should give it priority—even to the point of (gasp) spending money on maintenance.
  4. Longview

    Toronto | Berczy Park Revitalization | ?m | ?s

    Great shot. But really, they've got to find a way to fix the damn grass. Or admit that it's really a plaza, in the European sense (not a park), tear up the grass, and pave the whole thing.
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    Toronto | CIBC SQUARE | 241m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    I don't see why we should be stuck with SouthCore, which—as I have said elsewhere—sounds like the bottom end of a half-eaten apple. It has no official standing that I'm aware of. I'm suggesting a UT campaign, or maybe contest, to find a name with some zing for this amazing growth area.
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    Lesser recognized buildings in Toronto that you enjoy

    Avant-garde indeed, and aging extremely well. At a century plus this gem has a more contemporary feel than many a building thrown up in this town in the 21st century.
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    Toronto | Union Station Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | NORR

    Good question. If the bollards are too widely spaced, increase the number of bollards. One way or another, obviously, those hideous jersey barriers have got to go.
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    55 Port Street East, Port Credit (Fram, 10s, ?)

    Unexceptional, but not an eyesore. I wonder, is that a hint of space for retail at the northeast corner (at left here)?
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    Nola Port Credit | 53m | 15s | Fram | Giannone Petricone COMPLETE

    It's on the drawing board. Lots of it, and the city (and many of its residents, including me) are concerned about the ability of Lakeshore Road, already congested, to handle the coming load.
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    Toronto | The Well | 174m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    And look at all the dump trucks northbound on Spadina. Are they in a holding pattern, waiting their turn?
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    Nola Port Credit | 53m | 15s | Fram | Giannone Petricone COMPLETE

    Here comes the neighbourhood...