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  1. lead82

    Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

    True but I wished all the LRTs were painted the same colour as the streetcars rather than the subway trains. It would add so much needed colour on our suburban corridors. This city is so drab.
  2. lead82

    Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

    Wish they were red and not the ugly ugly grey colour.
  3. lead82

    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    Ok thanks. I didn’t think the Eglinton slowdown was related to the Eglinton like construction as it’s only in the south direction that is affected. Hopefully it will be restored once Eglinton is finished.
  4. lead82

    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    Has anyone travelled on Yonge line lately? Travel time southbound has gotten very slow. There is a slow down and stoppage just North of Eglinton and another slow order on the track North of Bloor. Does anyone know what is causing both slowdowns and how long they will be on for? Nothing...
  5. lead82

    Hoverlink - Toronto to Niagara Hovercraft service starting 2023

    This is doomed to fail. This ferry should operate from the same place as the island ferries or somewhere close to downtown. The end point should be Niagara on the lake as that is a destination. Port Weller is not and end destination for anyone so I don’t get why it makes any sense to terminate...
  6. lead82

    Shouldice Hospital Parkland Purchase (7750 Bayview Av, City of Markham)

    Where is the hospital moving to? Or are they simply closing down operations?
  7. lead82

    TTC: Yonge North Subway Extension (Finch-Richmond Hill) (Funded/Planned)

    By the time this opens, the pandemic will be long forgotten and I suspect we will see a new normal, which even if 60% (3x a wk) on average commute, we may have a new and different pattern where say congestion and overload on the line maybe 3x a week and no issues on M/F when most folks downtown...
  8. lead82

    2022 Russian-Ukrainian War

    Dugin has a very historical nostalgic view of the world and wishes to impose a closed mindset and lack of growth or evolution in the Russian culture. His position is that Russians are unique and have a different culture and history than Western civilization (which is true) but he ignores the...
  9. lead82

    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    Agreed. The issue is that we got the government we voted (or not voted) for. Our crappy leadership is a reflection of society today that values short term thinking and instant gratification instead of long term thinking and making hard decisions thst are critical to growing wealth. Much like...
  10. lead82

    VIA Rail

    The one point that everyone is missing in the discussion on choosing rail vs flying is that VIA rail in the corridor is almost never on time recently. The on time status is atrocious. Just checking todays Toronto - Montreal status and all the trains are delayed by 40-60mins. That makes a 5hr...
  11. lead82

    VIA Rail

    No I didn’t read that. That is too bad that our national passenger railway can’t own the tracks. Maybe it’s high time to build its own. At this point I’m not holding my breath HFR will ever happen. 7 years of Lineral governance and nothing to show for it except empty words.
  12. lead82

    VIA Rail

    You build new track. It’s really not that hard or difficult. Yes it takes some investment. GO is able to invest in its own track why can’t VIA. The leaders at VIA put everything in HFR and no other plans exist for any other investment. There was once talk about more service in the maritimes to...
  13. lead82

    VIA Rail

    Even with HFR there is still a growing population along the Lake Ontario corridor and into SWO. VIA should be increasing service. In fact many years ago there were plans to run more trains for SWO that went nowhere.
  14. lead82

    VIA Rail

    Agreed. I don’t get why we are only just replacing trains and not increasing capacity to run more trains. Rail capacity can be organized with CN or to build track. HFR has been talked about for 10yrs and still zero action on it except more reports. Sad.
  15. lead82

    VIA Rail

    GO wont bring service there any time soon. We are talking 10+ years. VIA should have purchased more train sets and slot time or got government to invest in extra dedicated tracks. Our rail system is grossly inadequate for a G7 country. It’s embarrassing. All talk about cutting carbon emissions...