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  1. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Mirvish+Gehry Toronto | 308m | 82s | Great Gulf | Gehry Partners

    The previous iteration would have been phenomenal, but I'm not disappointed by this new version either. To my eye, they still look like nothing else in the city, and will become a pretty iconic pair of buildings if they live up to their plans... That said, I really think they should go back to...
  2. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 250 King East | 132.85m | 40s | Emblem Developments | IBI Group

    Is it though? The architectural design certainly is insulting, no disagreement there. However, the height seems pretty reasonable and consistent with other recent nearby proposals. 33 Sherbourne at 38 storeys, the King East Centre res tower at 37 storeys, Bauhaus at 32 storeys, 75 Ontario at 34...
  3. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Yonge & Rich Condominiums | 156.35m | 46s | Great Gulf | architectsAlliance

    It looks good from a couple angles thanks to the patterning, but I would have to agree with you... there are too many important spots that this one misses for me, and some of the fixes are dead obvious and probably not that unreasonable to implement. The podium is the most important part of...
  4. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Birchmount Green | 46m | 15s | Mahogany Management | Chamberlain

    Updated documents posted September 17th, 2020. Source
  5. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Chartwell Guildwood Retirement Residence | ?m | 5s | Chartwell | Michael Spaziani

    Steady progress as of September 2020 updated Google Street View. Source
  6. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | SweetLife Condominiums | 21.33m | 6s | Your Home | Onespace

    Updated Google Street View imagery from October 2020 show this one nearly done. The townhouse component Source
  7. Lachlan Holmes

    611 Keele Street (Talus Capital, 5s, Paul Hastings Architect)

    Updated design as of November 20th, 2020... Source
  8. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 1750 The Queensway | 126.3m | 38s | BDP Quadrangle

    I don't disagree that it would be appropriate to build taller here, but it's not really a big deal in my view. It's isn't as if this is the last plot of land in the area - there's an abundance of very easily developable land around here and I would imagine the density and height will gradually...
  9. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 2880 Kingston Road | 33m | 9s | Artlife | Studio JCI

    This project saw a number of tweaks in a November 6th, 2020 resubmission. Source
  10. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 1750 The Queensway | 126.3m | 38s | BDP Quadrangle

    Surprised this August 31st, 2020 resubmission slipped past us... Tallest building is now 38 storeys. Roof height of that tower is 126.30 metres but there are 'fins' that extend above that point. Source
  11. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 1C Richview Road | 92.93m | 29s | Kirkor Architects

    This one saw a resubmission on November 9th, 2020. It's now grown to 29 storeys and 302 apartment units. Source
  12. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 3353 Lake Shore West | 24.99m | 6s | Apria | Icon

    New documents posted to the Application Information Centre on Thursday. Looks like this one has seen a couple big tweaks. Source
  13. Lachlan Holmes

    Main Square (Main & Danforth, Talisker, 15 + 32s, G+C)

    Google have been updating their Toronto street view this fall. They went by here in October. Looks like the retail addition is nearly completed. Source
  14. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | B-Line Condos | 22m | 6s | Royalpark Homes | Romanov Romanov

    Google maps has been updating their street view of Toronto this fall. Updated imagery from October shows that the structure of this project is nearly done: Source
  15. Lachlan Holmes

    1744 Ellesmere Rd (?, 15s, CGL Architects)

    This was redesigned, and also jumped about 100 units as of the most recent site plan resubmission, dated November 8th, 2020. source