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Recent content by Lachlan Holmes

  1. Lachlan Holmes

    570 Upper Ottawa St (Hamilton, Elite Developments, 12s, ?)

    UrbanSolutions' microsite for this proposal is now online. I have some... uhh... thoughts... about the proposal, but for this post, I'll just bring forward some content. Architect is KNYMH. The height of the midrise is 12 storeys, or 45.5 metres to the top of the mechanical penthouse. 470...
  2. Lachlan Holmes

    2900 King St E (Hamilton, ?, 20s, ?)

    The UrbanSolutions microsite for this project is now live. I'll pull forward the (unseen) renderings and some other information and pictures that may be of interest. First, some information. The documents indicate that this is a phased project. Phase 1 includes the northern tower and the...
  3. Lachlan Holmes

    75 James St S (Hamilton, Fengate, 34s, Graziani + Corazza)

    This is now a condo project. 75 James Condominiums
  4. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 15 Hollis | 146.6m | 45s | Gairloch | a—A

    The new tower design language is a huge downgrade from the previous grid iterations. The podium is pretty bad too, but the previous versions weren’t anything to write home about either. All in all it looks like something that would have come out of G+C. Hopefully this is just a massing model...
  5. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Transit City Condos: TC4 & TC5 | 174.34m | 50s | SmartCentres | Diamond Schmitt

    Some photos taken on May 29th, 2022. Sorry for the delay:
  6. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Peter and Adelaide | 152.39m | 47s | Graywood | BBB

    These photos are a bit older, taken on May 28th, 2022, but I figured they were just a few worth sharing anyway:
  7. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Sugar Wharf Condominiums (Phase 1) | 231m | 70s | Menkes | a—A

    I took these on May 28th, 2022 - so they're a slight bit out of date now, but I thought they were more so focused on how they appear from a distance, and worth adding to the thread:
  8. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Cavo Condominiums | 82m | 24s | Minto Group | Wallman Architects

    A number of new renderings from new documents uploaded on April 12th. Some detail elevations, as well. Images sourced from the AIC.
  9. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Curio Condos on the Queensway | 37m | 10s | Marlin Spring | Graziani + Corazza

    New documents uploaded March 15th. Only part worth bringing forward is a rendering: Sourced from the AIC.
  10. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Grand Central Mimico: The Buckingham | 122.85m | 37s | VANDYK | Kohn

    New documents uploaded March 22nd. Only one updated rendering (not much change) but a few detail elevations worth bringing forward. They are planning a large "I love Mimico" mural on the east elevation, with the v in love stylized after the Vandyk logo. Some of the detail elevations...
  11. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 58 Atlantic | 49.98m | 10s | Intentional Capital | Sweeny &Co

    New documents for this went up April 14th. Notably, architect has switched from Sweeney to B+H, the height is now officially 11 storeys as a mezzanine floor has been made into a full office floor, and the rental replacement units have been split between this project and BentallGreenOak's Novus...
  12. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | The Addison Residences | 49.9m | 16s | Adi | Core Architects

    New documents were uploaded to the AIC on February 28th. No new renderings, but some elevations worth bringing forward. This one has definitely been run through the spandrel machine. Overall elevations: West East North South Detail elevations All images taken from the AIC.
  13. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 245 Queen Street East | 94.15m | 25s | ONE Properties | Graziani + Corazza

    New plans were uploaded to the AIC on March 24th. Some updated/new renders, and a number of detail elevations. A few of the elevations: All images taken from the AIC.
  14. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Cherry Place | 55.7m | 13s | Rekai | Montgomery Sisam

    New documents posted February 10th. Some changes made to the design here and there, updated renderings, and some detailed elevations to feast upon. There are about 30 renderings, so I can't post them all. Here are some of the highlights: The detailed elevations: All images taken...
  15. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 240 Adelaide West | 199m | 60s | Freed | AS + GG

    This one received a 20 metre, 6 storey haircut in a ZBA resubmission from March. The tower design has also been changed a bit again. Some statistics from the planning justification: @Northern Light may be interested in looking over the landscape plans, given that they're now proposing to...