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OMB Settlement Leads to Design, Usage Changes at 470 Wilson

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    York Street Park (Waterfront Toronto/City of Toronto)

    Looks like there's a number of people wanting those bents to stay in place https://www.change.org/p/waterfront-toronto-keep-the-york-street-pillars
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    Toronto | Crosstown LRT: Cedarvale Station | ?m | ?s | TTC | NORR

    Shouldn't the entrances signage indicate which line it serves? And I'm sure it's been brought up already but why is it not ok to call this station Eglinton West station but it's ok to call the one at at Yonge & Eglinton, Eglinton station?
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    Toronto | Eaton Centre (Ongoing Renewal) | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    Awesome! Didn't even know that was coming so it's a nice surprise.
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    Toronto | Massey Hall Revitalization | 48m | 6s | KPMB

    I was hoping they were just getting restored and put back up. I'm in the crowd that thinks fire escapes add character to some buildings.
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    Toronto | Union Station Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | NORR

    Hard to believe that the Bay Concourse has been closed for over 3 years already. It inspired me to look out the photos I took a few days before it's closure.
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    Kotsy's Toronto Photos

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    Toronto | CIBC Square | 241m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    I wish all developments released a predicted completion schedule like this!
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    Toronto | CIBC Square | 241m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    Is there an East & West for Bay Street or is the East one Bay Street and West is York Street?
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    Toronto | CIBC Square | 241m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    Since when? It looks like a WWII bunker.
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    Toronto | CIBC Square | 241m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    Are there any renders for the bridge? It'd be nice if it was as visually appealing as the new one at the Eaton Centre.
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    Toronto | The One | 309m | 85s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    I'm getting exciteddd! :D
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    Kotsy's Toronto Photos

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    Rail Deck Park (?, ?, ?)

    Mayor John Tory says second-term priorities include affordable housing, rail deck park