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    Hamilton LRT (Metrolinx/City of Hamilton, Revived)

    My biggest fear is that the Twitter trolls that have emerged again will continue attacking any Councillor who’s not 100% committed and waving their flag for LRT. Two of the previous pro-LRT councillors from Stoney Creek flipped after very personal attacks related to LRT and bikeshare,, and one...
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    MiWay: Service thread

    It was formally proposed as part of the Rapid Ready fleet strategy in 2013, and since then the City has procured land, undertaken an EA, completed (or nearly completed) detailed design, have funds allocated in the municipal capital budget and DC background study, have applied for $190 million in...
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    MiWay: Service thread

    Hamilton finished the EA and detailed design for their second garage last year, and has submitted funding through ICIP. They also finished an EA for the main access road to make it two way and address other issues.
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    Hamilton LRT (Metrolinx/City of Hamilton, Revived)

    At a minimum the line needs to get to Longwood in order to connect the maintenance facility. Once you get towards Queen, you’re dealing with the older subsurface utilities that haven’t been significantly touched since the 50s. I’d be shocked if you could even afford a Longwood to Queen line...
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    Eglinton West LRT | Metrolinx

    Should just do the targeted grade separations at major intersections that Metrolinx and the City studied. City staff shot the idea down because it’d be too expensive but now...
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    Hamilton: General Service Discussion

    I think the bigger issue is that, based on the Business Case, they'll be cutting rush hour service to Hamilton GO from 4 trains in the morning to 2 (and I assume the same in the PM). That's a kick in the stomach for supporting the development of mobility hubs in the GTHA.
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    Eglinton West LRT | Metrolinx

    Have you looked at the project website at all?!?!? The entire point of this project is to extend it to at least the Airport Corporate Centre (to meet the goals of SmartTrack) and to study how to take it into the Airport to connect with their Regional Transportation Centre. The original EA ended...
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    Toronto | Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Pedestrian Tunnel | ?m | ?s | Ports Toronto | Arup

    Why not just take a casino shuttle if you’re heading to the Falls? Usually ends up being cheaper and faster, and if you have a PAC then you can get it either free or under $10.
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    Crosstown LRT | Metrolinx

    The Part 1 Report costs are parametric costing according to the assumption page (very high level; use cost of comparative projects to estimate) while the numeric costs are Class 4/5 according to the staff report, which are more detailed though still preliminary. I imagine the parametric costs...
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    2016 Census - Journey to Work (GTA)

    School bus is the usual suspect.
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    Crosstown LRT | Metrolinx

    It's strange. If I access the link from my computer I get the vague 9 page version. If I go to the same URL on my phone, I get the one that includes the renderings and basic analysis.
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    Crosstown LRT | Metrolinx

    The original EA was designed as an independent line that could accommodate 2-car sets. The new proposal would be an extension of the ECLRT, and will need to accommodate 3-car sets. While it’s the same route, it will operate in a fundamentally different way so the CoT and MX will need to...
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    Toronto | Mississauga Transitway | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | IBI Group

    You could take the Milton train or Line 2 to Kipling and transfer to MiWay's Route 96- Pan Am Special which serve PBL and MIS. If you wanted the fastest, taking GO Bus 21 to Square One would probably be the quickest with the HOV lanes on the Gardiner and QEW then connecting with the 95 from...
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    London Rapid Transit (In-Design)

    The PIC boards are up on the project website. Based on them, the North-East line would be tunneled from Oxford to Central in order to get under the freight line there. For people not familiar with London, this major downtown route can be blocked for 10+ minutes at a time due to long freight...
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    Hurontario LRT | Metrolinx

    From talking to one of the planners, it seems that the two-loop proposal isn't likely going to survive and something they're introducing based on staff/political suggestions. That scenario was one of questions asked in the feedback package. A few things I found interesting were: Continuous...