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    East Don Trail Project

    ? The reports state that in phase 2 all three permanent bridges have been installed. In phase 1, one permanent bridge has been installed.
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    Crosstown LRT | Metrolinx

    You are correct. My point is that change is a reality of doing business. A point of comparison, while not recent in Toronto it is possible for real-estate values to go down in value. Loss in value is a risk for the purchaser. A business owner faces similar risks and challenges. There is...
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    Crosstown LRT | Metrolinx

    Some people want nothing to change. If your business is located on a busy street where a subway may be day be built, well that is your call. The Eglinton LRT was years in planning and design. Business owners could see what was coming. It should not be up to taxpayers to compensate...
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    Pickering Airport (Transport Canada/GTAA, Proposed)

    You are correct that the A220 are more fuel efficient than the current fleet or airplanes in use today. They will still be less fuel efficient when compared with two or more passengers in a car. Further, if we use the future values for fuel efficiency of airplanes then we should apply the...
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    Pickering Airport (Transport Canada/GTAA, Proposed)

    I did a quick search and found this at The “problem” is that doing these predictions (trying to creat a comparison of gag per km for different modes of transit) means taking (a lot of) assumptions. For...
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    Mayor John Tory's Toronto

    I can't speak for other residents but personally I've worked with both Jaye and Denzil and can tell you that I'd much prefer Jaye!
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    Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design)

    This drives me crazy. Much of Thorncliffe (Overlea) and Flemington (Don Mills Road) is a good location for the Ontario line to be above ground because one side of the road has no residential. The Canada Line runs above ground through similar communities on it's way to the airport. It can...
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    YRT/Viva Construction Thread (Rapidways, Terminals)

    It would bother me more as a pedestrian than a runner. As a runner, I wouldn't mind that route, it is shielded from traffic which is my priority. As a pedestrian, the ambiance and exposure to the elements are more important. The bridge will be noisy and loud, it is not pedestrian friendly...
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    Toronto | CIBC SQUARE | 241.39m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    November 27, after the rain.
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    Toronto | West Block Est. 1928, The LakeShore, and The LakeFront | 130.75m | 41s | Choice Properties | architectsAlliance

    The podiums are well done and the crowns are a little different than the surrounding buildings. It works for me.
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    Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design)

    Perhaps I'm too cynical but the Ontario Line appears to be an exercise in obfuscation by the Tories. It looks like the CPC is now on-board too. The Ontario Line Proposal is not dramatically different than the previously proposed Relief Line but it is different enough to cause to multi-year...
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    General cycling issues (Is Toronto bike friendly?)

    As a cyclist who likes to ride at 25kph+, a curb is not desired. A slightly raised buffer is ok. Flat is safest.