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  1. JasonParis

    Roads: Highway 407 East (Durham Region)

    Ownership is, experience (if one can call it that) isn't.
  2. JasonParis

    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    Del Duca really rubs me the wrong way. I don't see how anyone can see this as a commitment to public service. It's merely a commitment to one's ego. And I'll give Horwath a slight pass here as she at least wins sometimes.
  3. JasonParis

    Roads: Highway 407 East (Durham Region)

    True, but splitting the 407 from the 407 ETR would be a terrible exercise in communications and UX. It would almost certainly just be another number.
  4. JasonParis

    Roads: Highway 407 East (Durham Region)

    Not sure it is politically palatable to take a "free" highway and toll it though. I'd suspect you might see it become a 415 or a 435.
  5. JasonParis

    14 Division Affordable Housing (321 Dovercourt Rd, 2s, Montgomery Sisam)

    Tidbit... the original name of ping pong is whiff-whiff!
  6. JasonParis

    Toronto skyline

    Flying in an illegal drone zone too though.
  7. JasonParis

    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    We already have a series of non-union car manufacturing plants in Ontario. You may already know that, but I wasn't sure from your comment.
  8. JasonParis

    Mayor John Tory's Toronto

    I had a date with a tourist from São Paulo last night and while he liked Toronto, he wouldn't stop going no about how we have 10x the homeless his city has and that our subways feel way more dangerous with "all the crazies." I can't validate this statistically or anecdotally (as I've never been...
  9. JasonParis

    Toronto | Canary Commons | 42.06m | 12s | DundeeKilmer | a—A

    I was sitting at Dark Horse when you took that. Saw the truck (and heard it) from the other direction.
  10. JasonParis

    Toronto | QRC West Phase 2 (Queen Richmond Centre West) | 35.96m | 7s | Allied | Sweeny &Co

    Did the coffee shop in the loading dock ever relocate? I can't remember its name, but it was decent. They had donuts too.
  11. JasonParis

    President Joe Biden's United States of America

    Yup, despite some backtracking during COVID, I'd still argue that Buffalo is having more than a moment. They even gained population for the first time in 70 years in 2021.
  12. JasonParis

    Toronto | Harris Square | 50.29m | 13s | Urban Capital | Saucier + Perrotte

    I too couldn't get into Aisle24 for a week or so but it started working again when they updated their app. I think I had to re-enter my CC info too.
  13. JasonParis

    St Lawrence Market

    Weird question, but it was supposed to rain really heavily last night. Did it? I didn't see any prior to bed, or any sign of it when I woke up. But I'm a deep sleeper.
  14. JasonParis

    53-75 Jarvis (Terrier, ?, ?)

    I'd love to see that little traffic island removed and a larger sidewalk and patio space for a corner resto established.