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    Toronto | West Condos | 52.12m | 14s | Aspen Ridge | Core Architects

    I’m really looking forward to this project. If it is even close to the renders this will be terrific.
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    Toronto | Tower at Pier 27 | 114.9m | 35s | Cityzen | a—A

    any idea how tall the tower will be? # of stories???
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    Toronto | Corktown Common | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto | Maryann Thompson

    the data base says completion in Spring 2014...but I don't see the final plantings closer to the Don River portion....does anybody have an idea when the rest of the park will be landscaped?????
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    Studio and Studio2 on Richmond | 131m | 41s | Aspen Ridge | Quadrangle COMPLETE

    TREES! I often wonder why such important east west avenuse like Richmond and Adelaide are NOT lovely tree lined boulevards. Sometimes they are soulless and in dire need of "softening" up. Imagine Richmond and Adelaide in Paris or London...unthinkable. it's not rocket science to have...
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    Toronto | Sherbourne Common, Canada's Sugar Beach, and the Water's Edge Promenade | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto | Teeple Architects

    I hate that the park is cut in half by queen's quay Why does Toronto always do things half-assed?????? The fact that Queen's Quay Blvd bisects the park in half is shameful. Where is the big vision???? A true "Commons" would not have a busy road running right through the heart of it...