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    Toronto | 500 Dupont Street | 38m | 9s | Lifetime | Core Architects

    This makes me extremely sad. I was hoping for some patio space or a better retail design that would be more welcoming or promote more foot traffic on Dupont. I'm concerned that this will make an already car centric part of the city even more car centric. People living on the south side of...
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    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes headed downtown)

    Amazing! Now if they could only figure out how to stop cars from going the wrong way, southbound on Shaw via Dupont. At least 15-20 cars per day go the wrong way.
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    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes headed downtown)

    The new bike lanes here on Shaw St look fantastic. Coupled with the direction change, local traffic has definitely quieted down. However, there are still so many drivers driving the wrong way. People in this city really don't know how to read signs.
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    Toronto | 888 Dupont | 55m | 13s | TAS | SA

    Affordability I get, but this area doesn't have much heritage left. If it did, it's not anything that this building can provide, sadly.
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    Toronto | 840 Dupont (Sobeys Redevelopment) | 39.93m | 9s | Tridel | Turner Fleischer

    Shaw St directly south of there is at like 90% capacity for street parking. I'd argue that we shouldn't remove parking, but rather try and figure out a smarter way to incorporate it. Overall though, this neighbourhood lacks garages and street parking as it is, so I'd be hard pressed to...
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    Toronto | Union Station Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | NORR

    I hope they are actually able to keep this place clean once it's all said and done. That new tunnel that opened a couple of months ago was absolutely filthy within the week of opening.
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    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    Admittedly I haven't traveled to many stations on the GO network, but for those that I have gone to tend to be so far away from "town". Is there a reason why these stations aren't more central or there isn't a lot of commercial development in the area? I always envision our GO network to be...
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    Road Safety & Vision Zero Plan

    It's appalling that Dupont St is as dangerous as it is. I live just off of it near Ossington and the speed at which cars travel through out the day is nuts. I'm surprised I see anyone biking there, because I did once and will never again. There's definitely room for bike lanes there, protected...
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    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes headed downtown)

    Shaw St from Dupont to Dewson is subject to change with the upcoming resurfacing. The city is using this as an opportunity to improve cycling infrastructure here by changing traffic flow...
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    Toronto | 888 Dupont | 55m | 13s | TAS | SA

    I live in the area, so this is definitely a welcoming change.
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    Liberty Village pedestrian link

    Aaahhh... it is finally completed after 13 years. Toronto - where infrastructure moves at snail pace.
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    Toronto | East Harbour | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview | O.M.A.

    This is crazy exciting. A brand new transit hub and arguably a second downtown, something that Yonge & Eg should have been. Hopefully this actually pans out though.
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    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    Are there any plans for development immediately around GO rail stations? I feel like it's a huge missed opportunity to not have higher density developments in those areas. It would aid with building out a true downtown or city centre and centralize business and entertainment. I believe there...
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    Toronto | 315 Spadina | 45.11m | 13s | Podium | Montgomery Sisam

    It's a shame what Chinatown is turning into. These types of neighbourhoods (Koreatown included) are really beginning to lose those their character.
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    Toronto | Union Station Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | NORR

    Despite all of the delays, seeing actual progress like this has been amazing. I go through this section every day for work and the flow with this new tunnel is night and day. Hopefully they can maintain the cleanliness.