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    Rail: Ontario-Quebec High Speed Rail Study

    Thanks for posting that overview. I was aware of the project, but hadn't seen the specific routing. It is eerily similar to the discussions in Toronto, is it not?
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    Want Rail? Let Private Business Build It

    Rather than direct investment, though, the article argues for adjustments to property taxes or other levies, similar to the Crossrail business supplement in London. Funding an entire subway line this way does seem unreasonable, but partial funding through assessments could be workable. An area...
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    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    The Ashford service might not be the best model to hold up, as they have had to remove cars due to lack of demand. Commuters from Kent are complaining that the train is more expensive and drops them at a less convenient location (St. Pancras) than the regular speed trains. I'd love to see high...
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    Transit Fantasy Maps

    I like this idea. I've never thought of having it run from Bramalea down Steeles, instead having it run to Brampton GO or into the airport (providing a link for York and Durham to the airport). My version follows the rail line north of Steeles until it passes York U. Then it runs in the hydro...
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    Land value capture

    Value Capture is the more common name. I believe Taiwan and Hong Kong have used it, and Scotland studied it. Check out the Wiki entry, as there are links from it to various articles.
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    Transit City Plan

    I have a funny suspicion that could be the case as well.
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    Roads: Gardiner Expressway

    Interesting. I've thought of that, but always gave up on it because the railway is already above ground level east of Simcoe. What did they propose? I agree with this. I used to work at Queen's Quay and Bay (Water Park Place), and the walk from the waterfront up to Union was very...
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    Transit Fantasy Maps

    Does the Airport-Lawrence line go down to Thorncliffe and then back up to Lawrence along Don Mills (following the same path as the red line)? What is the route you see it following from Bayview down to Thorncliffe and then back up again? Thanks, Greg
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    Chrétien Liberals had plan for fast rail: report

    It is a shame that ViaFAST died. As much as I would love to see TGV in Canada, it's a big mental leap for most people to go from what we have now to TGV. "Rail doesn't work here - we aren't Europe," I often hear people say. I think that if the frequency and reliability of existing trains was...
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    Rob Ford wants subways, not streetcars

    I recall the TTC studying the selling of air rights a while back, and found this article on Transit Toronto. I seem to recall that in the end it didn't actual amount to that much money to be made. Not that I am saying we shouldn't examine it, but I think practically it wouldn't generate that...
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    On track for high speed

    The VIA Fast proposal pointed out that there are two major routes in the Q-W corridor, one owned by CP and one owned by CN. The proposal suggested segregating traffic by giving one of the routes over to a freight and one to passenger rail. Apparently they consulted CP and CN and they were...
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    Star: Would a bridge at Dundas and Spadina save lives?

    It may save people getting hit by cars, but then again, according to research in the UK, 1000 people die every year falling down the stairs. That grim reaper is hard to escape...
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    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    Probably the Ottawa Bypass Corridor, mentioned on the MTO site here and in this PDF. I can't find any more details than that.
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    I have wondered about the possibility of increasing the connectivity of this line by routing onto the CP Belleville sub to allow a station at Leaside (connect to future DRL) and potentially stations on Don Mills (Don Mills LRT or DRL) and/or Eglinton (Eglinton LRT). As well, I have pondered if...
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    Rail: Ontario-Quebec High Speed Rail Study

    I've been wondering if the latest study falls on deaf ears again, if Quebec would think about building the route from Montreal to Quebec City. According to the VIA FAST report in 2004, there are 6.9 million trips between the two cities a year, 90% by car. The Bloc is in favour of HSR, so no...