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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    On the surface, without worrying about cinder blocks etc, you have one guy who has a history of getting himself in little bizzaro dust ups with an assortment of different people and another guy who has been doing his job as a city hall reporter and, until now, has brought no particular notice to...
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    Politicians to stay on TTC board

    While there are some interesting ideas in the proposal I believe that the TTC should be completely controlled by politicians. Isn't that why they were elected? If your not happy about their decisions, vote against them; if happy vote for them. H owever, their are merits of having "citizens"...
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    The need for private mass transit in the GTA

    Bloor_Christe missed the Hotel buses that run downtown to the airport and back. They are about $30 round trip and leave every 30 minutes running on public roads. If Blue 22 is so efficient why doesn't SNC Lavelin, the operater, build and pay for track and related construction? At least the...
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    Toronto | Residences at the RCMI Condos | 135m | 42s | Tribute Communities | Zeidler

    There is a Dominion, sorry 'Metro', at College Park (Bay@College)
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    Conservative Attack Ads

    This is interesting. Nov 08: Gov't of Canada, lead by Mr Harper, did not think that the countries economy needed stimulus in their budget. Dec 09: The gov't, lead by Mr Harper, decides not to bring their budget to a vote in parliment and requests the Governer General grant a porguement of...
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    Eglinton-Crosstown Corridor Debate

    The decision to make the Canada Line elevated in Richmond is due to local conditions not applicable to Toronto. Namely, Richmond, or Lula Island, is a delta island of the fraser river and is a very sanding texture. It would be very costly to build underneath and disastrious in the case of an...
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    400 foot List

    Silly question I'am sure. Why aren't these in metres? Do people actually remember what a 'foot' is?
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    Transit City: Sheppard East Debate

    To get back to the Sheppard LRT announcement, the province announced a eastern terminus at Meadowvale which brought on some discussion. There are several other factors portaining to this area of the city. On April 1st, the province annouced an expansion of the SRT to either 'Markham Road' or...