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    Department Stores then and now

    Cedarbrae never had a Dominion; when Miracle Food Mart closed, it went straight to a Loblaws, then eventually a No Frills.
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    10 Dundas East

    They probably look at Goodlife Fitness and say "Hey, that's a good idea, lets follow their example!!!" What the hell is with all those fitness places in the downtown area?!?!?!?
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    10 Dundas East

    What will happen with the Future Shop at 10DE? What a shame for such a large, empty space in that mall. They had one of those pup up Hallowe'en stores there with cruddy costumes; but that was only for two months at best.
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    Coffee Time

    The one at Broadview and Danforth sees me frequently. Great coffee, great service, fast wifi.
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    Mr. Sub vs. Subway

    Mr. Sub over Subway, simply because I find their meat is better. Plus, my usual go-to sub isn't available at Subway. If anything, I grew up with Mr. Sub. There was one near my old apartment in East York, by St. Clair and O'Connor. Subway has some great deals and fantastic promotions, but all...
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    Scarborough Town Centre

    STC was my go-to throughout my high school years; I was a permanent fixture when Wizards Castle was in food court. That, and HMV being across from the IT store, near the lower concourse. Ah, memories.