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    Toronto | Haven On The Bluffs Condos | 38.71m | 10s | VHL Developments | Master Building

    There need to be more buildings that meet the street (like the ones being built immediately to the west) to generate the foot traffic needed to support that sort of retail. That strip is a blank slate that will likely end up being another missed opportunity.
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    Considering a small town to retire to in 2030-35. Recommendations?

    Port Stanley is pretty overlooked. Maritime village feel and some quirky local stuff. Mildly touristy without being overwhelmed like Lake Huron communities. Proximity to London and the 401 but you can feel outside of the Toronto bubble. 2+ fewer months of winter than somewhere like Almonte...
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    1602 Queen Street East | ?m | 6s | True North | SMV COMPLETE

    It's a shame they didn't go with the same facade as the neighbouring building. This doesn't look very good.
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    Toronto | WestBeach Condominiums | 24.38m | 6s | Marlin Spring | Graziani + Corazza

    The city is widening the sidewalk on this section of Queen. A portion farther east was previously completed. You can see on the right end of the photo that one of the poles is currently in the street with orange barriers. It'll be behind the curb once the work is done.
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    Toronto | East Bayfront: Aitken Place Park | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    I don' understand why they don't plant a mix saplings with the larger trees. They put in big trees to get a 'head start' but it's stressful and they don't thrive without the amount of care that they clearly aren't getting. A bunch of saplings would get established more easily and quickly...
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    Toronto | Courcelette Condos | ?m | 8s | WDG | RAW Design

    ... but ... the cheap gas.
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    Toronto | 2180 Yonge | 253.5m | 70s | Oxford Properties | Pelli Clarke Pelli

    Instead of a big blob of a park, it would make more sense having a strip running from Berwick and Yonge up to Duplex and Eglinton. That would provide some pedestrian benefit and break up the superblock. Then have an east-west strip. The current plan doesn't deliver any practical benefit if...
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    Toronto | Canary Block Condos | 42.06m | 12s | DundeeKilmer | KPMB

    I'm in this area on a regular basis and 'ghost town' is the last word I'd used to describe it, considering how new it is. It's become considerably busier over the past three months and there's one building under construction and two more about to start. I love the area. It's going to be a great...
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    The Beach(es)

    You could argue that attempts to preserve things the way they were are at the root of why the Beach feels like such an underachieving part of the city (and especially weak compared to other beach communities both inside and outside of Canada). But there's some hope...
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    TTC: Flexity Streetcars Testing & Delivery (Bombardier)

    It's one thing to continue to fail to deliver on modest promises; escalating those promises to 'one a week' and then failing to deliver is baffling. What kind of deranged person made the decision to do that?
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    Do Canadians more readily see a foreign-born citizen as "still one of us" than many other countries?

    I used to work with a bunch of recent immigrants and one day at lunch the topic turned to "at what point did you turn Canadian". Even though the times ranged from 9 months to 2 1/2 years, they all shared a similar experience when something 'clicked' and they considered themselves 'Canadian'...
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    Taxis and ride-sharing in Toronto

    That cynicism lead to my crowdsourcing experiences! There was a spirit of 'doing things better than the horrible corporate world'. But once the amounts of money reached a certain level, the 'vultures' flew in. The actual corporate world ended up looking not so bad in comparison.
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    Taxis and ride-sharing in Toronto

    The usual definition? Not sure what you mean. Google "uber crowdsourcing". Uber is often used as an example.
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    Toronto | Velocity at the Square (was HNR Dundas Square Tower) | 123m | 40s | HNR | P + S / IBI

    This should be a 'showcase' location ... everybody will see this thing all the time. Boring has its place and this isn't it.
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    Taxis and ride-sharing in Toronto

    If you look at other calcified industries that have been crowdsourced by technology, it follows a familiar pattern: The original industry is vulnerable to crowdsourcing because it's become inflexible and complacent. Users (those provided and using the service) become infatuated with ease and...