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  1. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto Bellwoods House | 45.5m | 13s | Republic | IBI Group

    You're right - I do not empathize with these people and their concerns. As far as I am concerned, they're being selfish, and if their feelings are hurt by this, they'll just need to learn to deal with that. Why should I play nice with wealthy homeowners when stuff like this makes it infinitely...
  2. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto Bellwoods House | 45.5m | 13s | Republic | IBI Group

    HMMMMMM maybe I'll go to this - sounds entertaining But really though, what are these people smoking?
  3. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto 480 Adelaide West | 8m | 2s | Fineway Properties | Ferdinand Wagner Architect

    Docs are up - the proposed building looks like crap but I will give Ferdinand Wagner some credit for an almost entirely hand drawn (and at times, collage) submission packet - we love mixed media art.
  4. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto Portland Commons | 71.7m | 15s | Carttera | Sweeny &Co

    That little Sherwin Williams paints store seems so out of place now. Would have loved to see it be included in this project as a little pops.
  5. DavidCapizzano

    Laneway and Garden Houses (various)

    I forget where these were exactly - south of bloor between ossington and bathurst
  6. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto Clonmore Urban Towns | 13.46m | 3s | Core Development | RAW Design

    Yeah they'll definitely get a good wash before occupancy, I'm just never really a fan of flat black bricks - with dark tinted mortar and the right coursing pattern it can look pretty cool, but in a running bond pattern with light mortar it looks gross
  7. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto St Lawrence Centre Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | CreateTO | Hariri Pontarini

    So I finally had some time to review all of the proposal pdfs - there is a lot of info here! I think for me the clear winner is Brook McIlroy, Trahan Architects, and Hood Design Studio's proposal. It seems the most restrained and functional. I appreciate that it doesn't take away from the...
  8. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto 401 Dundas East | 39.65m | 10s | Plaza Partners | BDP Quadrangle

    I really do not like the way the third floor hangs over the entrance. Weird!
  9. DavidCapizzano

    Yonge-Dundas Square (Brown + Storey Architects)

    I’m so torn on Y&D square. I find it overwhelming and hostile as a pedestrian - but it’s also insanely popular during the evening and for events. I always see people hanging out beside the mall watching street buskers. Is it fair for me to turn my nose up at something that brings a lot of people...
  10. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto Maverick | 154.53m | 49s | Empire | Arcadis

    I actually think they should have gone entirely with the silver facade! I like the horizontal mullion extensions Personally not a fan of the darker sections - the metal panels seem kind of flimsy and the turquoise glass is giving memories of fort York
  11. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto 45 The Esplanade | 119.85m | 36s | Republic | IBI Group

    As Northern Light mentioned, the entrance is way over scaled - the podium is like 75% there but they need to simplify. Either do arches or do the staggered window openings. Both is too much and it looks messy. The tower is fine but will require really excellent materials to execute and up until...