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    400 foot List

    Of course a moderator would have to do that as it wouldn't let me delete it.
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    400 foot List

    I don't mind updating it, but I got the impression no one was using it so I stopped. I'm fine with taking it down if no one sees the need for it.
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    Yeah there is nothing left of the Rona.
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    Was wondering what was happening there. Should be a good location with Costco drawing lots of traffic
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    Square One Shopping Centre

    It was sold to Landmark Theatres but seems they still haven't changed the name yet.
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    I make an effort to shop there as I find prices generally the same but sometimes even better. It may not be perfect, but we all know what happens if they leave. Lack of competition for Walmart means they will charge higher prices.
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    Square One Shopping Centre Don't remember seeing a photo of the Simons store before. It's at the top of the article (click to enlarge)
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    Target "In fact, Wal-Mart itself is finding it tough slogging in the depressed retail business. For the first time since 1970, the company's worldwide operations suffered a quarterly net profit decline in the three months...
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    Was in the Bramalea City Centre and Shoppers World stores and both were very busy. Toy section was packed full of people with some amazing deals.
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    Markville Renovations and Retail Thread

    More likely use the space to grow the mall. I highly doubt Nordstrom would move into the mall, Bloomingdales is just a rumor and not likely unless Cadillac Fairview is freeing all of these locations for them, and I doubt Saks would choose Markville for one of its 7 stores. Smaller anchors are...
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    Sears Canada (1952-2017)

    If they stick with mid sized cities and suburbs then they really expose themselves more to the Targets and Walmarts. Although given both of them are looking to expand into downtown areas, maybe Sears sees the writing on the wall. I bet we will see a Macy's move in to take some of the leases from...
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    400 foot List

    Corrected. Thanks!
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    Toronto | Five St. Joseph | 160.93m | 48s | Five St. Joseph | Hariri Pontarini

    They outsourced my job to Igate as well. Worked out for me with a better position, but not everyone can say that. They ended up screwing everything up and RBC had to rehire most of them back to do the job. Cheap bank with lousy service.
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    They also kept much of the exterior from when it was an Eatons, yet changed it enough to make the store look better IMO
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    Toronto | Bay Adelaide Centre | 217.92m | 51s | Brookfield Property | KPMB

    They only have so much density on the site allowed by the city. I'm not sure if this tower any taller would be close enough to cause a shadow on NPS also.