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    Metrolinx: Sheppard East LRT (In Design)

    Yes. Or use a proprietary Bombardier technology.
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    Metrolinx: Sheppard East LRT (In Design)

    You can't have both third rail and low platforms at a station. Pick ONE: High Floor Vehicles + Dual mode compatible (Third Rail and pantograph) Low Floor Vehicles + Only pantograph (Ignoring some non-standard technology using batteries) High floor LRTs are used in cities such as LA, San...
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    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    The "Airport Zone" referred to in that report is larger than the entire Town of Oakville.
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    TTC: Jane LRT

    Street Right-of-way Widths Map: Realistically, Transit City-model surface LRT requires at least 30, if not 33, metres of width on a street in order to be built. Other than through the Eglinton Flats, this width only exists north of Hwy...
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    King Street (Streetcar Transit Priority)

    Threads merged and renamed.
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    Toronto | Spadina Subway Extension Emergency Exits | ?m | 1s | TTC | IBI Group

    Toronto-York Spadina subway extension $400M over budget
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    Toronto | Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

    Since there is already a station named Centennial on the GO network, and since there's a station on the previously proposed Scarborough LRT that would be called Centennial College, I think there might be some push back against that name.
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    Toronto | Ontario Line | ?m | ?s

    That's my map. There's another version which includes employment. It would be good to remake it with 2011 data, but with no long form there's no reliable place of employment data.
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    TTC/Metrolinx: Scarborough Subway Extension

    Thanks for the added context. I honestly thought the Eglinton "short turns" lasted much longer.
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    Bicycle Paths

    Wouldn't that keep them *in* the bike lanes and no-parking areas? Seriously though, why don't we use wheel clamps/boots here? They seem like such an effective deterrent.
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    Taxis and ride-sharing in Toronto

    LOL. I like how the list is an implicit admission that cab drivers haven't been doing those things. How many of those are a resolution to try and follow the law? Three out of six?
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    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    There seems to be an element of an "at the discretion of the operator" policy, which will inevitably cause issues. This is a really substantial change in the roles and responsibilities for TTC operators, and I hope TTC management is taking sufficient effort to communicate these changes to their...
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    TTC/Metrolinx: Scarborough Subway Extension

    Pretty busy, but they did run two-car trains during some off-peak times. For years half of peak period northbound trains short turned at Eglinton. For years the University Subway was closed on weekends. It's certainly not the same as Sheppard (for one, downtown employment projections panned...
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    TTC/Metrolinx: Scarborough Subway Extension

    To elaborate, changing from the subway to the SRT involves going up three floors. Subway > Mezzanine > Bus > SRT There is that one escalator that skips the mezzanine level. Depending on what part of the train you get off of, or if you're travelling in the counter-peak direction, there's a good...
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    TTC/Metrolinx: Scarborough Subway Extension

    It's a mistake in rapid transit planning to think that the primary justification for a route is the density immediately adjacent to the corridor. When around 70% of travellers access rapid transit by connecting from local transit, a corridor could have high adjacent density and still not be...