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    Thoughts about this floor plan?
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    Floor plan design

    I was thinking that I would not need the second bedroom and I would prefer a huge living/dining. The drywall for the second bedroom can be always added back again if needed. Also extending the kitchen island by 2ft and adding a breakfast bar would give a lot of counter space. I was also thinking...
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    Floor plan design

    What changes would you make to this space? I am just trying to gather ideas on how to improve the plan as much as possible to get the best use of the space.
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    Thoughts on this loft? there is a floor plan in the link. is it worth it? holding back offers so it should go for more.
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    Toronto | 629 King Residences (was Thompson Residences) | 53.34m | 15s | Freed | Saucier + Perrotte

    It is in fact a lovely facade. What I do not like is that the builder did not provide blinds for the units as standard. All the units fronting King are studios/bachelors for rental. This weekend I started seeing some ugly curtains that are very noticeable because of the facade
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    3 Bedroom Floor Plan

    This model is a bit better because it does not have that small terrace in the corner of the living/dining so you have a full rectangular space. I was thinking that 3 bedroom it is not necessary and 2 plus den would be better and having always the option to convert it back to the original 3...
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    3 Bedroom Floor Plan

    Thoughts on this 3 bedroom unit?
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    X2 Condos (Great Gulf Homes/Lifetime Developments) - Real Estate -

    That is weird, it is actually empty. Coul you please try again? Thanks
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    X2 Condos (Great Gulf Homes/Lifetime Developments) - Real Estate -

    has anyone received the final statement of adjustments for final closing on March 25th? if so, could you please pm? i just have a question if you can please help me. thanks
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    Toronto | Harlowe Condos | 50m | 14s | Lamb Development | Core Architects
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    Toronto | East FiftyFive | 83.21m | 24s | Lamb Dev Corp | a—A

    Brad Lamb development at 55 Ontario St. called East Fiftyfive. It seems like 24 storeys.
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    Kitchen Fixtures design

    What do you guys think of these patina brass kitchen fixtures in this kitchen? Stainless steel is now the standard in all Toronto condos, but I have seen this brass trend in some high end lofts and apartments in New York city and I really like them. they actually are installed all over the...
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    The Harlowe - Floorplan thoughts

    The unit has actually 11 ft ceilings. What if you add another 2ft to have an extended peninsula? There's plenty of space and that is an option to add a bit more of storage. I do not like the enclosed toilet in the master bath, do you?