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    Toronto | Lillian Park | 85m | 28s | Collecdev | Kohn Shnier

    I've gotta say, that white brick vaneer is quite refreshing and gives a subtle positive throwback to the 70's and 80's apartment buildings! I dig it
  2. blur

    Toronto | Harrington Residences | 15.85m | 5s | Kaleido | SRN Architects Inc.

    That frontage along Sheppard looks god awful!! These should at least be live-work units.
  3. blur

    Toronto | TYSSE: Downsview Park Station | ?m | ?s | TTC | AECOM

    Oh Man, those bare concrete walls at the platform level look horrible and perpetually dirty and unfinished. I wish they would cover them with the tile.
  4. blur

    Toronto | Step Condos, The CANCELLED | ?m | 5s | Terranata | Jonathan Weizel

    Despite the unfortunate architecture, this is good infill for the area. It's just a short walk from a proposed LRT station. Also the units look quite spacious and have good layouts in comparison to most condos. Should be affordable.
  5. blur

    Toronto | Casa—Emery Village | 91m | 30s | Medallion | P + S / IBI

    This really is a pleasant surprise considering the location. The rounded building creates a surprising gateway to the urbanized wall along Weston Road. Hopefully the public realm at ground level creates enough of an animated streetscape to sustain the retail at grade. If the original proposal...
  6. blur

    Toronto | Valhalla Town Square | 131m | 44s | Edilcan | IBI Group

    It's only a matter of time until the Valhalla Executive Centre gets redeveloped into high density condos. It's good to see this kind of density along the 427. This location is very convenient for those wanting to live relatively close to downtown and Mississauga. I wish the applicant had...
  7. blur

    Toronto | 3268 Finch Avenue East | 41m | 12s | SRN Architects Inc.

    This is beyond awful...even for this location. Though it does attempt to meet the street and provide retail at the base. The corner treatment looks awful. The continuation of balconies might help mask that frontage though.
  8. blur

    Five St. Joseph | 161m | 48s | Five St. Joseph | Hariri Pontarini COMPLETE

    While the tower may be not be to everyone's taste I agree with you on the street level. Its absolutely divine
  9. blur

    Five St. Joseph | 161m | 48s | Five St. Joseph | Hariri Pontarini COMPLETE

    Apart from the public art component (which doesnt fit in well with the heritage base) this is a fantastic building!
  10. blur

    Fuse & Fuse2 Condos | 80m | 27s | Neudorfer | Barrett COMPLETE

    These look a lot like the new hotel at Exhibition Place. Outdated and very cheap looking. The saving grace here is the wonderful podium.
  11. blur

    Toronto | West Village Etobicoke | ?m | 31s | Tridel | Rafael + Bigauskas

    Does anyone know if Tridel plans to release phase 3 and 4? The community masterplan from the tridel website has been removed. I recall they had plans for two additional towers on this site.
  12. blur

    Toronto | 1001 The Queensway | 61m | 17s | RioCan | Core Architects

    This is very exciting. This part of Toronto is such a gem of an area and there is so much potential for redevelopment. Not to mention, the strategic location close to both DT Toronto and Mississauga City Centre.
  13. blur

    Erin Mills Downtown & Mills Square Condos (Eglinton W @ Metcalfe Mississ., Pemberton, 4x 18-22s, G+C)

    Towers in the park are actually NOT fine here precisely because Erin Mills Town Centre is a designated major intensification node located at two major intersections. This is an absolute waste of opportunity. The only saving grace along this stretch are the Daniels condos at the Erin Mills and...
  14. blur

    Humberwood Heights Townhome Residences (Tribute Communities)

    I always thought that parcel was part of the ravine system. This site could definitely support a midrise along Rexdale blvd and perhaps townhomes at the back. Im not so keen on having townhomes along major arterial roads. That old coop building at Queen's Plate Drive and Rexdale blvd creates a...
  15. blur

    Toronto | 66 Isabella | 73m | 23s | Quadrangle

    I hope that was sarcasm. I find that dental clinics do nothing for the streetscape mainly because they dont provide any tangible connections to the outside streetscape. Dental clinics often close off their windows from the street. Something like a coffee shop or restaurant would do wonders here.