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  1. argos

    Next to Garbage Chute - thoughts?

    how about elevators?? how much impact will it have on units on the higher floors?
  2. argos


    k, may be a stupid question but here it goes....but who knows, it may have been done before... :p it possible to get HELOC on a pre-construction condo, even if it's a small amount?? can't i simply show them how much the prices have gone up based on the time i purchased and the...
  3. argos

    Referring new sales repres into brokerage

    Just out of curiousity, do realtors receive some kind of referrel fee when bringing new sales reps into the brokerage? To brokerages pay them for the referrel or do they get a cut of the commission that the new sales rep makes? Is this a common practice?
  4. argos

    Ellie Condos (G Group) - Real Estate -

    They don't even have Purchase & Sale Agreement yet. How do they sell out (just curious)? Has the site even been approved yet? IMO, it doesn't matter how much of a deal it is compared to other sites if it doesn't even get built (or approved). It's all speculation. Who knows what will happen. Only...
  5. argos

    Toronto | World on Yonge | ?m | 31s | Liberty Development | Kirkor Architects

    :mad: Let's create a Hall of Shame section and post his picture up. I'm sure he's probably an active user on this site. If you are reading this, Ken, please don't copy from this site without sourcing it (or just don't copy at all).
  6. argos

    Where do you get your real estate news from?

    :rolleyes: Really?? because i've noticed the stuff you have up on the site can pretty much be found in Condo Guide or other "VIP" Sales Reps' website, etc. anyways, nice site. nice videos (some awkward moments in interviews with the mic) but it's definitely different and eye catching (good...
  7. argos

    Emerald Park Condos | 129m | 40s | Bazis | Rosario Varacalli

    is this meeting open to public?
  8. argos

    Ellie Condos (G Group) - Real Estate -

    what's the highest floor in this building? and what is the payment structure like? who's the builder? are they Canadian or is it some foreign developer like Bazis?
  9. argos

    Ellie Condos (G Group) - Real Estate -

    Any progress with the construction of the Sales Office? When will they start accepting worksheets?
  10. argos

    Legacy, Ultra, and Yorkland at Heron's Hill | ?m | 40s | Mattamy Homes | Graziani + Corazza COMPLETE

    All it took was a phone call to the sales office, so i'm pretty confident that my source is correct. Btw, the floorplans on the website are not kept up to date. Pretty much all the 1bdrm units are sold in the Tower of Ultra.
  11. argos

    Legacy, Ultra, and Yorkland at Heron's Hill | ?m | 40s | Mattamy Homes | Graziani + Corazza COMPLETE

    i heard that Ultra is now 70% sold! Is this true?? why haven't they started construction already? are they waiting for Legacy to be complete before starting Ultra?
  12. argos

    How to Screen Tenants?

    thanks. is there a standard form for collecting SIN # strictly for credit check purposes that i can get the prospective tenants to sign? or do i just include that in the rental agreement myself? and for background/criminal check, do i just get tenants to go get it themselves? or is there a way...
  13. argos

    How to Screen Tenants?

    has anyone come across any good/useful websites to do credit/criminal/etc. checks. I googled a few but many of the websites don't look very 'legit'/promising. Just wondering if anyone have used any websites in the past that you found useful.
  14. argos

    Buying preconstruction - Assignment

    I also have a question regarding assignment. Is there a way i can see how much the previous purchaser bought it for from the builder? Does it show on the Assignment Agreement the original price and the assignment sale price??
  15. argos

    How to Screen Tenants?

    Are there any good seminars/books to help landlords find good tenants and how to deal with problem tenants shall the problem arise? Also, what are some things that should be done in writing to protect the landlord. Any property management classes/courses available for small landlords to...