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    Montréal Transit Developments

    I speak french, so I am clear on what the article says. Do you think it makes any particular sense to postpone roadwork (incurring additional costs), until traffic has returned to normal levels and the construction will be maximally disruptive? On the STM's end, I see that the Cote Vertu...
  2. aquateam

    Crosstown LRT | Metrolinx

    I think that the case ~15 years from now will be that all the buses will be autonomous, but the streetcars will still be manually driven. Self-driving vehicle technology (from personal cars and commercial semis) will percolate into buses. But buses have a large production volume to spread out...
  3. aquateam

    Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design)

    I think the parking lots around the Science Centre would be kind of wasted on an MSF. That corner of Don Mills and Eglinton is the main entrance to the Eglinton LRT: As an undeveloped corner at the intersection of two rapid transit lines, it should be packed with as many offices, residences...
  4. aquateam

    GO Transit Electrification (Metrolinx, Proposed)

    I think what @ssiguy2 is referring to is the extreme percentage of Canada's economy that's devoted to real estate instead of products and services compared to many other countries. All the money going into property crowds out investments in machinery and other capital improvements to...
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    Montréal Transit Developments

    To my knowledge, the STM hasn't taken advantage of the pandemic to accelerate disruptive maintenance in the same way that the TTC has, which seems like a lost opportunity to me. Getting as much disruptive road and transit work out of the way when traffic and transit ridership is at a...
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    TTC: Streetcar Network

    He also says this when someone suggestions an underground connection to Castle Frank for an across-the-platform link to the subway: None of these are insurmountable: the bus loop can be reinforced, and utilities can be moved for a tunnel. But it sounds like it is much more of an ordeal than...
  7. aquateam

    TTC: Streetcar Network

    💯💯💯 I was going to comment earlier that reintroducing the Parliament streetcar would be an example alternative to some of Reece's suggested streetcar extensions. I know the Parliament bus ridership isn't that high, but I think that the Ontario Line's Distillery station at Parliament/Front adds...
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    TTC: Streetcar Network

    He is somewhat active in these forums. Can you elaborate on which ideas can't/won't be done? I definitely agree about replacing switches, I think the TTC is already doing that (albeit at a glacial pace.) With regards to reducing the number of switches, I think that he contradicts himself a...
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    Dundas West/ Bloor Mobility Hub +interconnected hub network (Metrolinx)

    You joke but the city created "Dunbloor" street where Bloor and Dundas intersect at 6-Points, so "Bloordas" is the logical name for where they intersect here. I like "Roncesvalles" if the street name is extended north from where it ends. That or we could name the station "Crossways."
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    Toronto Regional Board of Trade Regional Rail Report

    Right now road capacity on highways is "free" to drivers. Whenever something is "free", people use it excessively. By charging to access the highway, fewer people will take it, but it will move faster (saving them time.) People who used to have no choice but to "pay" for the highway trip with...
  11. aquateam

    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    There's one quote there that bugs me: I know we're not NYC and we're not going to get 24 hour subway service, but it's disappointing that we can't consistently rely on having full use of the subway system. Over the past five years I've frequently gone to the nearest TTC station and been caught...
  12. aquateam

    Eglinton West LRT | Metrolinx

    I don't understand your point. The LPAT (I think @NoahB meant OMB) has final say, not the local community. Mid-rises 800 meters away from a station are a solid improvement considering you get significantly taller buildings built in parts of the GTA where no one uses transit. For a quality 100%...
  13. aquateam

    Eglinton West LRT | Metrolinx

    I know the purpose of your post is to point out how broken the zoning is around the Eglinton West LRT extension, but it looks just as bad further south around the Bloor-Danforth line. The bigger question is: why should the yellow belt exist at all? The city needs to eliminate all legal...
  14. aquateam

    TTC: Yonge North Subway Extension (Finch-Richmond Hill) (Funded/Planned)

    Personally, I stick to the Transportation and Infrastructure part of the forum because it's less likely to become emotional/political, but I've seen some debates here get very heated. A few people have been banned for their behaviour.