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    Carnaby Row and The Carnaby (Streetcar Developments) - Real Estate -

    Hi Gea, It depends on your unit, how much you purchased it for and how much you put down. I have clients in phase 1 that are paying around $1150 a month for a 600 sqft unit that they bought with 20% down. I think each building will be registered separately. Your move date is firm, but still...
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    Toronto | Motif Lofts + Townhomes | ?m | 5s | Reserve Properties | RAW Design

    Are the units only separated by metal studs and drywall?? If so this is probably going to be a little bit noisy of a building.
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    Art Condos (Triangle West Development) - Real Estate -

    This is a very nice project! Love it. The 2 storey lofts with court yard terraces and balconies are awesome. The only thing stopping me from getting a unit here is the building going up to the east and Kings Club to the south. I need a view damn it!!
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    Westside Gallery Lofts (Urbancorp) - Real Estate -

    15 years? Even more reason why he should get the maintenance fees right on a unit he OWNS. The only real issues I see with his PDI is the poor job on the closet piece. He's pissed that the units came raw and not like they were in the model suite. He's bashing for the sake of generating...
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    Westside Gallery Lofts (Urbancorp) - Real Estate -

    Fleming likes to bitch for the sake of bitching and drawing attention to himself. You think he's critical on projects so he will help you find something good. But in this case, (and other cases) he is wrong. Maintenance fees are 59 cents psf.. He probably included the parking maintenance fee and...
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    Toronto | Art Condos | ?m | 11s | Triangle West | Oleson Worland

    u sure they're not putting anything on top of that grey cinder block like material
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    2 Ossington (@ Queen, NDS Properties, 4s, SMV Architects)

    Starbucks on Dovercourt is staying. Gentrification in full swing with the 2nd Starbucks on the way.
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    Toronto | King West Life Condominiums | ?m | 25s | Plaza | Gabriel Bodor

    Well said. Libery village wasn't even an option when I was looking. The place makes me feel anxious and lost.
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    Toronto | 629 King Residences (was Thompson Residences) | 53.34m | 15s | Freed | Saucier + Perrotte

    So are those existing units going to be looking onto a building maybe 6ft away?
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    It's sold out and the developer price is a little higher then the number I used. But yeah your right the assignment price is usually lower. Although some buildings that are in the occupied stage may be at same price or higher. The benefit of seeing what your buying and being able to move in...
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    more down payment or more cash-in-hand

    Your already avoiding the CHMC fees. If you can handle the monthly carrying costs than invest the extra money in something that will earn you more then what the interest on the mortgage is. Shouldn't be that hard!
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    Toronto | Limelight Condominiums | ?m | 32s | Daniels | Kirkor Architects

    That's good :) Do u know what's coming there? Daniels is a pretty solid builder. Looking good.
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    2.7% I don't think that's representative of Toronto. Year over year: Our assignment purchase is up between 9.32-12.54% Precon Jr. 1 bedroom is up around 13.71% Larger but older 2br is up around 7%
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    Toronto | Limelight Condominiums | ?m | 32s | Daniels | Kirkor Architects

    Where's the restaurants and retail? Isn't that the whole point of condo living
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    This guy sounds like he wants the market to drop. Comparing a special 2.99% 5 year rate to a posted rate of 5.34% is crazy. 5 year closed rate mortgages can be still had in the low 3s.