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    École Secondaire Greenwood (Conseil scolaire Viamonde, 4s, Snyder Architects)

    Totally unsympathetic to the original building, and yet also really ugly. Nothing says “welcoming and modern” like galvanized aluminum and some randomly composed angles.
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    AGO Global Contemporary (Selldorf, Diamond Schmitt, Two Row, 6s)

    A review of the Selldorf project in San Diego, which has some parallels to AGO:
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    UofT: Sidney Smith Hall Redevelopment (?s, ?)

    This discussion has gone sideways. The point is not whether any one person likes this building or not. There are provincial and city policies on heritage that ask whether a site is significant in terms of social history or architectural history. This building has both in abundance. Toronto now...
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    UofT: Sidney Smith Hall Redevelopment (?s, ?)

    There’s no doubt that the Parkin firm was one of the most important in Canadian history. This particular building, given its place and time, has huge significance. At some point we (as a society and at City Hall) need to ask: does it make sense that we are protecting 1000 undistinguished...
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    UofT: Sidney Smith Hall Redevelopment (?s, ?)

    U of T has been cooking this for years through their secondary plan. IIRC there was pushback from Heritage - and rightly so, I think.
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    Toronto | Massey Hall Revitalization at the Allied Music Centre | 48.46m | 7s | KPMB

    Broken Social Scene, from the balcony..
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    Toronto | Wellesley Parliament Square | 140.26m | 47s | Greatwise | IBI Group

    1000 new units on one of the densest blocks in the entire country. Great system we’ve got here.
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    Seaton Village / Koreatown / Christie Pits

    The 931 Manning building is becoming a house, designed by LGA.
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    New St Lawrence Library (City of Toronto, ?s, ?)

    What a fantastic idea!
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    Toronto | Bloor & Dufferin | 128.9m | 37s | Hazelview | Hariri Pontarini

    Interior demolition under way on the southwest building.
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    St Lawrence Centre Redevelopment (?, ?, ?)

    Several aspects of the scheme, including the street closure, echo the design that Tura Cousins Wilson of SOCA did for The Globe last year. He deserves credit.
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    Toronto | 506 Church Street | 49.79m | 14s | Graywood | Diamond Schmitt

    Looks like someone saw the AIDS-quilt facade that HPA designed for Casey House and decided to mimic it.