TYSSE: Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station
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Vaughan Metropolitan Centre subway station will be the new terminus of the Spadina subway. Part of the Toronto York Spadina Subway Extension (TYSSE) project now under construction, it is expected to open in 2017.

The station is designed by the team of Arup Canada – Engineering & Architects of Record, and Grimshaw Architects – Design Architect.

The working name for the station – Vaughan Corporate Centre – will not be the final name. The City of Vaughan has requested 'Vaughan Metropolitan Centre', the moniker that Vaughan has given to their new central business district plans, while the TTC prefers the name 'Vaughan Centre'. That shorter version would put the name in line with North York Centre and Scarborough Centre stations, and would avoid having to find a huge amount of space on maps to spell out.

Urban Toronto sides with the TTC regarding name: North York and Scarborough's stations are fine without the 'City' and 'Town' descriptions which are associated with the areas the station serve, and the issue of how long the name would become with 'Metropolitan' in it will become problematic for map and sign makers. Finally, Vaughan's insistence on including the grandiose word 'Metropolitan' smacks simultaneously of braggadocio and insecurity, which will be picked up on by many, who will be more likely to sneer at the name than be impressed. The simple name 'Vaughan Centre' is far more likely to have a positive impact on the city than the grasping longer version.

Address Highway 7 & Millway Ave, Vaughan, Ontario
Category Public Space / Park
Status Complete
Completion 2017

Engineering Fast + Epp
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