June Callwood Park
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In 2005, the City of Toronto dedicated a new park space for June Callwood, to honour her tremendous role in the development of social aid organizations in the city. Parks, Forestry and Recreation have completed a competition for the park design, awarding the project to gh3, a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary firm of architects and landscape architects. Construction starts Spring 2012.

Built in memory of Canadian journalist and social activist June Callwood, the park uses her words from an interview preceding her death - “I believe in kindess” - physically mapped out on the site, to create an abstract, geometrical pattern of openings and clearings with the dense groves of the Super-Real Forest.

Address Bastion St & Sloping Sky Mews, Toronto, Ontario
Category Public Space / Park
Status Complete
Completion 2014

Developer City of Toronto
Architect gh3
Landscape Architect gh3
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