Erin Mills Town Centre Expansion
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Mississauga, ON (July 10, 2013)—Erin Mills Town Centre’s Vice President, Nance MacDonald is pleased to announce the exciting transformation of Erin Mills Town Centre into the next architectural landmark to grace the City of Mississauga. In its first major renovation since opening in 1989, an investment of $100 million will propel Erin Mills Town Centre into a vibrant urban retail destination.

The innovative redevelopment will be characterized by a sleek, contemporary design with a clean international style. Succeeding the existing clock tower will be a majestic architectural feature, an iconic glass sphere 283 feet in circumference that will pierce through the roof into the shopping centre’s central court area. Existing skylights will be replaced with modern clerestory windows, affording visitors with additional natural light permeating the common areas. More than just another mall’s central open area, the main court at Erin Mills Town Centre will be about the community and its people. The expansive centre court will feature an awe-inspiring infinity pool, surrounded by contemporary communal seating acting as the striking backdrop for public events. It will be THE PLACE for the community to meet, greet and be entertained.

In response to lifestyle trend shifts, food will play a pivotal role in Erin Mills Town Centre’s identity. The current food court will be rethought, reworked and reborn. It will be significantly expanded to become a unique destination for foodies seeking an elevated dining experience. Located front and centre, two storeys of food purveyors will entice visitors at the main entrance, dramatized by a 54 foot high soaring clear glass grand entrance. On the lower level, the main entrance will be flanked on either side by glass enclosed quality restaurants making a clear statement that leisurely dining, lounging and socializing are the new calling of Erin Mills Town Centre. On the upper level, in addition to the varied seating environments, the food court will feature an inviting outdoor patio offering magnificent views of downtown Mississauga and the Absolute Towers.

“In celebration of our upcoming 25th anniversary, we want to give our customers a world class shopping experience” says Nance MacDonald. “We conducted extensive research and listened closely to our present and potential customers’ feedback. It was clear they were not looking for ‘bigger’ but a ‘better’ more enhanced shopping experience, showcasing retailers that deliver trendy, aspirational brands. We were inspired by their comments and plan to deliver beyond their expectations!”

Construction will commence this summer with Phase 1 of the brand new food court scheduled for completion in fall 2014. A new Target store will start construction in the fall of 2013 and will be

open for business in the summer of 2014. The entire renovation, including the new food court will be completed by the summer of 2015. Nance MacDonald comments: “Although we will be under construction, we want to assure our customers that we will continue to make their shopping experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible. It will be ‘business as usual’ as we enter into this very exciting transformation of Erin Mills Town Centre.”

Address 5100 Erin Mills Parkway, Mississauga, Ontario, L5M 4Z5
Category Retail
Status Complete
Completion 2015
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Architect MMC Architecture
Interior Designer GH+A Design
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