XORTUS Scale Models
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XORTUS specializes in creating premium Architectural Scale Models using the latest innovations in 3D printing and laser cutting technology.

With an in-house software development team, we are able to incorporate our touch-screen real-time interactive applications with our scale models, helping your project stand out. To push the technical edge, we are capable of incorporating augmented reality applications that can bring your model to life not only in person, but on-screen as well.

We are able to authenticate any texture or material to produce the most realistic concepts. No matter the scale of your development, everything down to the minute detail is possible here at Xortus.

Determined to exceed our client’s expectations, Xortus remains laser focused on your brand’s image and project specifications in order to have a final product that will forever be etched into the mind of anyone who sees it.

Creating premium models is our forte and our speciality is how we care about our clients. We have a professional atmosphere, making you comfortable every step of the way as your satisfaction is paramount to us and so is creating long-term relationships.

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