RWDI Consulting Engineers and Scientists
141 projects  :  12 under construction  |  129 pre-construction
RWDI Consulting Engineers and Scientists provide climate engineering, building performance, and environmental engineering consulting services. RWDI’s core practice areas bring together a diverse array of capabilities around a common purpose: meeting the immediate aims and broader business goals of our clients.

We help clients tackle complex challenges in the built environment by combining innovative thinking, collaborative problem solving and a passion for expanding the boundaries of the possible.

Whether we’re helping to execute a design no one has attempted before… or ensuring people can live and work comfortably in a challenging environment… or meticulously completing the due diligence of regulatory compliance… we consistently demonstrate RWDI’s trademark obsession with detail. We fine-tune the data and get the nuances exactly right, and then we translate that technical rigor into concrete, sustainable value.

Many firms will tell you they listen closely to your goals and concerns. And it may be true – when they’re first engaged. At RWDI, we maintain that vital dialogue throughout your project as we test, learn and refine our shared understanding. The result is a truly collaborative partnership in which we adapt and innovate together, sharing ideas and tracking the measures of progress with transparency, accountability and mutual trust.

A firm committed to redefining possible has to be as nimble, responsive and creatively disruptive as a startup. We encourage all members of the RWDI team to embrace the ingenuity of our founders as we constantly rethink the criteria for success. And when we grow, it's not to get bigger, but to be better: we only invest in added capabilities that complement what we already do and open up new opportunities for excellence.

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