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We are like-minded individuals, committed to reshaping urban living, with environment, family and human experience as our guiding principles in every decision. Through modern technology, sustainable products, eco-designs and Missing-Middle housing options, Oikoi-Living homes are designed to make a positive impact on both the residents and the community at large.


As the fastest growing city in North America, Toronto’s housing supply can’t keep up with its population growth. The solutions have been limited to the “tall and sprawl” approach where people have been forced to choose between low-density subdivisions removed from the city centre or high-density developments built on small parcels of land.

At Oikoi-Living, we believe in expanding the choices for housing beyond too-small condos, long commutes to a home outside the city or detached single-family houses whose prices have spiralled out of reach for many residents. Converting single-family houses to make room for additional units is the easiest and quickest way to make a significant addition to the housing supply and offer a choice that most people desire: marketing studies show a strong preference for lower, ground-related housing in already mature urban neighbourhoods. Such conversions allow for the rapid supply of units in the most sought-after single-family neighbourhoods of our city.

We see the opportunity to grow thriving neighbourhoods by increasing the missing middle population, which also helps stabilize local populations that have been experiencing recent declines; this in turn improves the long-term quality of life and health of urban communities by supporting educational, social, retail amenities and most importantly, public transit that reduces car dependency. We see the future in local neighbourhoods, sustainable housing, and more livable spaces.

At Oikoi-Living we are dedicated to building a better future with family, economy and environment built into the design of the home.

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