Monir Precision Monitoring Inc.
25 projects  :  3 complete  |  10 under construction  |  12 pre-construction

Monir is dedicated to providing our clients with the best field instrumentation monitoring in the business. By focusing on quality of service, we differentiate ourselves from our competition. We strive to be the industry leader by providing our clients with the soundest information possible. We are dedicated to providing a safe, enjoyable work environment for our employees, emphasize a balanced family-work environment and compensate our employees and shareholders for their commitment and hard work. As a monitoring company it is important for us to develop and follow standardized procedures for all aspects of our operations. Our Quality Management System (QMS) provides the foundation for the development, standardization and improvement of our processes. Our QMS requires each of our employees to have a personal development plan that identifies their roles, responsibilities, training needs and personal interests. Resources and training are provided allowing our employees to develop, personally and professionally, while meeting our safety, performance and quality goals. In order to meet our goals, we develop strategy and set measurable objectives. We recognize the key to our success is to have commitment from our employees by involving them in setting of strategy, tracking of goals and measuring objectives. The process allows us to work towards continual improvement by measuring and optimizing our performance.

Address 3100 Ridgeway Dr., Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 5M5, Canada
Phone 647-239-6223