504 King streetcar

King Street Transit Pilot In Full Swing

New yellow platform edge strips at a King streetcar stop
November 15, 2017 5:12 pm | by Andrew Johnson | Comments
Today is the fourth day that the King Street Transit Pilot has been in effect, and the early results have been quite positive. The project began on Sunday, November 12th, and saw its first day of ... read more

King Street Transit Pilot Begins on November 12th

Sample road configuration plan for the King Street Transit Pilot
November 1, 2017 3:58 pm | by Andrew Johnson | Comments
The City of Toronto recently announced that the King Street Transit Pilot will begin on Sunday, November 12th. Approved by Council last July, it will transform King Street from Bathurst to Jarvis ... read more

Trio of Wellington Street Proposals Face Vocal Public Scrutiny

Aerial view of the three sites, showing 504 (orange), 488 (teal), and 474 (red),
May 5, 2017 4:40 pm | by Stefan Novakovic | Comments
Bookended by a pair of parks, the stretch of Wellington Street between Spadina and Portland has suddenly become one of Downtown Toronto's most frenetically active development hubs. Still ... read more

King Street Pilot Study: The Push for a Car-Free Corridor

A typical sight along King St: A crowded streetcar
January 27, 2017 6:30 pm | by Andrew Johnson | Comments
Talk about transit improvements in Toronto usually seems to revolve around large scale, multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects, be they subway or LRT. When faced with a rapid transit system ... read more