Toronto's Dundas and Jarvis intersection is a far cry from what it looked like 10 years ago, when its four corners were occupied by a mix of hotel, low-rise retail, and surface parking lot uses. One by one the corners are being transformed so that only the surface parking lot remains the same now, and there's an application in for a huge new Ryerson building to replace it too. On the south side, a pair of sky-scraping condo towers stand on the east and west corners, while the northeast corner is getting its skyscraper now. Gupta Group's Dundas Square Gardens has been rising steadily since reaching grade in 2017, and the IBI Group-designed development is now closing in on the height of its neighbours Grid Condos and Pace Condos as it approaches 50 storeys.

Dundas Square Gardens, Toronto, Gupta Group, IBI GroupDundas Square Gardens viewed from the west on Dundas, image by Forum contributor skycandy

Dundas Square Gardens was 27 storeys high at the time of our last update in October, and has since grown to 42 storeys. Now just 8 residential  levels and a mechanical penthouse shy of its final 156-metre height, a recent view captured from a high-rise in the Regent Park neighbourhood shows Dundas Square Gardens approaching the height of the black-and-white Grid Condos to the immediate south.

Dundas Square Gardens, Toronto, Gupta Group, IBI GroupDundas Square Gardens viewed from the east, image by Forum contributor skycandy

Cladding installation has been rapidly progressing up the outside of Dundas Square Gardens. Another 18 levels have been enclosed since our last update, with cladding now reaching the 31st floor. The building is being finished in a repeating pattern of finishes that alternates in four-storey sections of window wall framed in black aluminum mullions and panels surrounded by contrasting white precast concrete accents. Translucent glass balcony guard installations are following a few levels behind the main tower cladding.

Dundas Square Gardens, Toronto, Gupta Group, IBI GroupDundas Square Gardens, image by Forum contributor skycandy

Construction is on track to wrap up in 2020. Once complete, the building—which based on its location near Ryerson University was marketed heavily to investors liking to rent to students—will feature amenities specifically designed to meet students' needs. Several retail spaces along the ground floor sidewalk frontages are included to serve the new population in the building and area.

Dundas Square Gardens, Toronto, Gupta Group, IBI GroupLooking east to Dundas Square Gardens, image via submission to City of Toronto

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