Toronto's upcoming civic election is dominating local coverage these days, while poverty is also a topic of discussion as new numbers come out.

Toronto is segregated by race and income. And the numbers are ugly (Toronto Star)

Mayoral debate axed over demand all 35 candidates participate (Toronto Star)

Child poverty plagues every corner of Toronto, census data shows (Toronto Star)

Candidate Keesmaat says she will tear down eastern part of Gardiner Expressway (Globe and Mail)

Toronto mayoral candidates explain what they’d do if elected (CityNews)

Toronto police expanding neighbourhood officer program amid spate of shootings (City News)

Downsizing council pits incumbents against each other (CityNews)

Ahead of cannabis legalization, cities consider drinking in public parks (CityNews)

Tory says TCH should be allowed to refuse to rehouse tenants evicted for crime (CTV News)

Rexdale Community Hub proves an unlikely haven for people in north Etobicoke (Inside Toronto)

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