Few transit projects in Toronto are more contentious than the Scarborough Subway Extension, but whether you are for it or against it, or just don't know, planning for it continues to advance as an application for Site Plan Approval has been submitted to the City for the proposed new Scarborough Centre Station. The supporting documentation comes with plenty of detail, and while there will be plenty to unpack in the coming days, we will start out by taking a look at the specifics of the proposed construction phasing for the project.

Scarborough Centre Station, TTC, AECOM, TorontoSite plan, Scarborough Centre Station, image via submission to City of Toronto

Designed by AECOM, the station construction is divided into two phases; the first generally being from 2019 through to 2026 to the start of revenue service, including and a partial eight-bay bus station; the second generally being the decommissioning and demolition of the existing Scarborough RT (SRT) station and its elevated guideway structure, freeing up space for construction of additional station elements.

In more detail, phase 1 involves the construction of the station box and all elements of the main station entrance east of the existing SRT station, including a portion of the Triton Road bus terminal, which will operate in a limited capacity until completion of the second phase. Work would begin with utility relocation and temporary road diversions, freeing space for construction of shafts and tunnel boring operations. Next, headwalls for the station box would be built, and station boxes themselves would be constructed simultaneously with tunnel boring machine (TBM) operations. Following steps include the shifting of tunnelling operations to a maintenance shaft, construction of the partial bus terminal, as well as a new bridge and entrance plaza for Borough Drive across the bus terminal. The final step in phase one is the new station's fit-out and commissioning.

Scarborough Centre Station, TTC, AECOM, TorontoScarborough Centre Station, image via submission to City of Toronto

Once the subway station is open—projected for late 2026—phase 2 would see the existing SRT demolished after just 41 years of service. Phase two is set to begin immediately after the extension's opening, starting with the decommissioning of the SRT and the sequential demolition of its elevated guideway, moving east to west.

Next, the decommissioned and disconnected Scarborough Centre SRT station would be demolished, freeing up space for a lager bus terminal. This phase will also include the construction of temporary egress facilities for the adjacent shopping mall and utility relocation before work begins on the new station's west entrance building, bridge, bus platforms and canopy. Finally, a connection between the phase 1 and phase 2 bus terminals would be built, and the phase 2 terminal would be fitted out and commissioned. 

Scarborough Centre Station, TTC, AECOM, TorontoExisting Scarborough Centre SRT station, image via Google Street View

We will be back with more updates on the Scarborough Subway Extension as they become available, but in the meantime, you can tell us what you think by checking out our new Forum thread for the new station, or our Forum thread for the overall extension, or you can leave a comment in the space provided on this page.