Last October, Queenswell Ltd proposed a 8 story avenue mid-rise condo at the intersection of The Queensway and Chartwell Road - just east of Islington Ave. The residential condo building was originally set to replace a two story modernist office building that once housed a medical facility and pharmacy. Now, the developer has submitted a new and expanded rezoning proposal after purchasing the three storefront properties to the west.

880 The Queensway, Queenswell Ltd, RAW DesignLooking northwest to 880 The Queensway, image via submission to City of Toronto

The new configuration of the building by RAW Design will house 100 units across 8 storeys, 57 of which are one bedroom units, with 30 two bedrooms, 10 three bedrooms, and 3 studios filling out the rest of the condo. With the floor plate expansion, 10 more units have been added to the proposal as well as 21 additional parking spaces and 8 additional bicycle spaces. In this neighbourhood the city requires that 75% of units have access to a long term bicycle parking spot but in this case, the developer has exceeded that requirement.

880 The Queensway, Queenswell Ltd, RAW DesignCurrent site of 880 The Queensway, image retrieved from Google Street View

The original proposal featured two townhome units on the ground floor facing Chartwell Road. These units have since been removed in favour of expanding the building’s retail space along The Queensway streetscape. 651 sq.m has been proposed, far more than the 416 sq.m listed in the original application.

880 The Queensway, Queenswell Ltd, RAW DesignGround floor architectural plans, image via submission to City of Toronto

A break to separate the Queensway facade into two smaller volumes has been added to the design so that the long building will feel less overbearing on the streetscape.

Looking north to 880 The Queensway, Toronto, designed by RAW for QueenswellLooking north to 880 The Queensway, designed by RAW for Queenswell

Terrace stepbacks along the north side of the building have been tweaked to mitigate shadowing on the low-rise residential neighbourhood to the north.

880 The Queensway, Queenswell Ltd, RAW DesignEast elevation, image via submission to City of Toronto

We will be back with more information as this project proceeds through the planning process. You will find more information in our database file for the project, linked below. If you would like to get in on the conversation, click on the associated Forum thread links, or leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.