Cycling as a means of alternative transportation has gained increasing popularity amongst Toronto residents in the past few years. With frustrations mounting regarding more traditional means of moving throughout the city, sustainable alternatives are on the rise. Toronto has seen unprecedented growth in the use of bicycles, and is also seeing infrastructure improvements to support the trend and make it safer. At the same time, innovative endeavours are flourishing in order to adapt to Torontonian's desire to get around more sustainably and actively. 

One of the latest ventures is new partnership between Tridel, one of Toronto's largest condominium developers, and award-winning e-bike manufacturer Elby. The project will make electric bicycles more affordable and accessible to Tridel community members. According to Jim Ritchie, Tridel's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, the partnership is aimed at "raising awareness of the importance of alternative methods of transportation in urban areas".

E-Bike Partnership, Tridel, ElbyImage courtesy of Elby

Elby’s electronic bicycles, conceived with the urban life and landscape in mind, have been designed with automotive grade engineering. As Scott MacWilliam, Managing Director of Elby told us, "the bicycles are adaptable, safe and practical for a commute in both urban and suburban areas." This method of transportation is not only a sustainable alternative to motor vehicles but a cost-effective method of automobility that introduces an element of fun in the rider’s daily life. 

E-Bike Partnership, Tridel, ElbyImage courtesy of Elby

The partnership comes along at a time where municipal regulations have resulted in a substantial decrease in vehicular parking spots in new developments, and a significant rise in bicycle parking spaces. Elby e-bikes can be perfectly accommodated by both existing and future bicycle lockups within Tridel properties. On top of that, the batteries may be unlocked and removed, and charged in the owner’s home. Tridel and Elby are also in discussions regarding the possibility of integrating a bike-sharing system within their future developments.

E-Bike Partnership, Tridel, ElbyImage courtesy of Elby

To celebrate this innovative partnership, Tridel and Elby are giving away three e-bikes this summer. Contest details are available at Prospective condo buyers can also request a referral code at Tridel Presentation Centres for a 15% discount toward the purchase of an Elby e-bike. 

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