An application submitted to the City of Toronto is seeking rezoning to permit a mixed-use, mid-rise development at the southwest corner of Bathurst and Glencairn. The plan from Lanterra Developments would replace an existing 4-storey office building at 2788 Bathurst Street, and a single-family home at 515 Glencairn Avenue.

2788 Bathurst, Lanterra, IBI Group, MBTW Group, TorontoSite of the proposed development, image via submission to City of Toronto

Designed by IBI Group, the proposal includes 113 condominium units, a 1,950 m², 26-suite hotel, and 1,020 m² of retail units, adding up to a total of 26,000 m² of gross floor area. The project would primarily rise nine storeys, with a 10th level housing a mix of residential, mechanical, and amenity space. 

The 113 condo units are proposed in a unique mix of 52 two-bedrooms and 61 three-bedrooms, with no one-bedroom nor studio suites. Residents would have access to 226 m² of indoor amenity area and 226 m² of outdoor amenity area. The outdoor amenity area would include communal outdoor landscaped decks on the 2nd floor and the 9th floor.

2788 Bathurst, Lanterra, IBI Group, MBTW Group, TorontoLooking southwest to 2788 Bathurst, image via submission to City of Toronto

Conforming with the City’s parkland dedication requirements, a landscape plan by The MBTW Group also includes a new 15.3-metre wide linear public park, running along the west edge of the property from Glencairn Avenue isouth to Hillmount Avenue. Three-storey townhouses would front the park, with condo suites on stepped-back floors above. The hotel would be built into the Hillmount and Bathurst frontages on the lower three floors. Along the eastern frontage, a portion of land fronting on Bathurst Street would be dedicated to the City for a future road widening project.

2788 Bathurst, Lanterra, IBI Group, MBTW Group, TorontoEast elevation, 2788 Bathurst, image via submission to City of Toronto

A two-level underground garage containing 178 parking spaces is proposed in a mix of 128 parking spaces for residential use and 50 spaces shared between the hotel, retail, and residential visitors. 114 long- and short-term bicycle spaces would be provided for the residential units, and 10 bicycle spaces for the retail units.

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