A few months ago, UrbanToronto readers were asked to participate in our biennial survey conducted by Solutions Research Group, seeking feedback on how we can continue to make UrbanToronto even better. The results are in, offering a clearer picture of what features you like, and where you want to see improvement. The survey results were collected from 632 interviews, completed over a nine-day period.

An overwhelming 99% of readers were either 'very' or 'somewhat satisfied' with the site, with over two-thirds (66%) reporting a very high degree of satisfaction, marking a slight improvement over our 2015 survey results. The percentage of readers rating UrbanToronto's news coverage as either 'excellent' or 'good' also saw an increase, rising 10% from our 2013 survey to 82%.

UrbanToronto, survey, Solutions Research GroupConstruction in Toronto, image by Jack Landau

Articles focusing on construction and new development remain the most popular elements of our news coverage, with 76% of respondents—an 8% increase from 2015—rating these news categories as one of UT's best features. Toronto and GTA-focused articles were our second most popular category, with the 75% of respondents choosing this category marking a 10% increase over 2015’s survey results. Our Forum and database features have also been well-received, with the majority of readers (69% and 60% respectively) rating these features as 'excellent' or 'good.

When asked what readers' primary ‘reason for visiting today’ was, 80% selected news and construction updates. 92% said they visit for general interest, while 27% visit for work-related reasons. Of this 27%, 70% rate UrbanToronto as ‘very important’ or ‘important’ for being a tool for business information in their line of work.

Our survey results also draw attention to changes in how readers consume media. While PC/laptop access remains the largest platform for accessing UrbanToronto, mobile phone use as the ‘primary method’ of accessing UrbanToronto more than doubled from 2015, jumping to 13% from 6%. 

UrbanToronto, survey, Solutions Research GroupWhat is the best thing you like about UrbanToronto.ca?

The survey also shows that our sister site SkyriseCities is drawing in a growing number of UrbanToronto readers. 13% of respondents visit the sister site weekly, and 30% visit monthly. Among visitors, 77% have visited at least one of the sub-sites (World, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver) in the last 30 days. At 65%, SkyriseCities' main world site was the most visited of these sub-sites.

While we're quite pleased with the positive response we've received from readers, we're always looking to improve the site and welcome your feedback at any time. We value your input, and encourage you to let us know what we could do better, and which features you're most interested in seeing. Over the coming year, we'll continue working to make the site better—and more mobile-friendly!—for our audience. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page, or to contact us here at any time. Thanks again, to our awesome UT community!