ICON Architects and Galbraith & Associates—working for Condoman Development Inc—have submitted a proposal to the City of Toronto seeking approval for a new mid-rise residential development in West Queen West. The developer is seeking a zoning amendment that would permit a 7-storey, 58-unit residential condominium to replace the pair of vacant commercial buildings in a mixed-use stretch of Gladstone Avenue. According to planning documents submitted to the city, the project aims to revitalize an underutilized site, while integrating density into a desirable and transit-accessible neighbourhood. 

31 Gladstone, Toronto, ICON Architects, Galbraith & Associates, Condoman View of existing vacant buildings on Gladstone Ave, Image from forum contributor drum118

The proposal emphasizes the building has been planned with the intent to limit light, view, and privacy impacts on the surrounding properties along Gladstone Avenue. Through the choice of materials and architectural features, the building is designed to be "harmonious" with the design features of the neighbouring Gladstone Hotel at the south end of the block. To ensure a complementary design, the architects plan to reduce the appearance building mass and mitigate wind and shadow impacts trough a step-back where the building crosses the 45° angular plane rising from the opposite side of the street. This fifth-floor step back extends the datum line from the top of the Gladstone Hotel, above which the cladding changes. The building envelope would transition from aluminium windows and precast concrete to metal panelling and a double glazed aluminium window system with spandrel panelling. 

31 Gladstone, Toronto, ICON Architects, Galbraith & Associates, Condoman Proximate & adjacent land uses, retrieved from the City of Toronto

The building would rise 28 metres and have approximately 4,500 m² in gross floor area. Residents would have access to 37 m² of indoor amenity space and 27 m² in outdoor amenities. The building would have a green roof above the mechanical penthouse. The 58 dwelling development would comprise 11 studios, 36 one-bedrooms, 9 two-bedrooms, and two three-bedroom units. The building would accommodate its residents with a three-level, 37-spot underground garage, accessed by a car elevator. In addition, a total of 58 bicycle parking spots would be provided for residential use, both above and below grade. 

31 Gladstone, Toronto, ICON Architects, Galbraith & Associates, CondomanView of 31 Gladstone facing northeast, image retrieved via submission to the City of Toronto

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