The Ontario Construction Secretariat (OCS) is hosting its annual Future Building Toronto Event starting today and running through to April 12. The career exposition is being held at The International Centre, 6900 Airport Road in Mississauga. Almost 10,000 career-seeking students, aboriginal youth, and adults in career transition are expected to attend to experience the possibilities for their future in this vigorous field. OCS aims to set a stage for career discovery and provide attendees with an interactive, hands-on experience using tools and techniques from many of the skilled construction trades.

Ontario Construction Secretariat, Future Building EventPrevious Future Building Event, Image courtesy of Ontario Construction Secretariat

The event could not come at a better time: along with the construction boom in Ontario, OCS has identified a future gap in tradespeople as over 87,000 workers are set to retire by the end of the next decade. The OSC is working to attract more youth to construction trades by confronting out-of-date construction stereotypes through the use of modern technology during these engagements. Students will be able to test their skills out with virtual reality spray painting, work platform simulators, and excavator simulators. 

Ontario Construction Secretariat, Future Building EventA student testing a Virtual Simulator at a previous Toronto training event, Image courtesy of Ontario Construction Secretariat

About 20 construction trades will be represented on site by exhibitors. Exhibitors at this event will not only provide hands-on experience, they will also share personal career journeys to help open the minds of tomorrow's construction workforce. The trained professionals will also work to provide answers to any questions regarding career choices, education and training requirements, job availability, as well as job satisfaction. 

Ontario Construction Secretariat, Future Building EventTrade professional engaging with attendee, Image courtesy of Ontario Construction Secretariat

Future Building Events aims to provide attendees with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, as they consider their career options. According to OCS, two-thirds of secondary students have reported that after attending the career exposition in 2017, they were more likely to pursue a career in a construction trade.

For any background information on OCS visit their website here, and for more information on this years Toronto event—you have two more days to get to it—visit here. Feel free to contact OCS with any questions about the event at