It has been 8 months since we last checked in on the construction progress for Block B of ELAD Canada's Emerald City condominium community at Don Mills and Sheppard in North York. In the time since our February update, the three-tower block has advanced considerably, with the first of the group now occupying and the second two soon to add hundreds of new homes to the growing WZMH Architects-designed condominium community.

Emerald City, Block B, Fifth on the Park, Park Club, ELAD, WZMH, TorontoBlock B of Emerald City adding to neighbourhood skyline, viewed from the west on Esther Shiner Blvd., image by Jack Landau

Block B consists of three towers; the 13-storey Colours of Emerald City on Don Mills, the 24-storey Fifth on the Park fronting onto both Helen Lu and Forest Manor Roads, and the 33-storey The Park Club, fronting the Forest Manor Road and George Henry Boulevard intersection. Colours of Emerald City is the furthest along of the three, with some details still having their finishing touches being completed as the first residents move in.

Emerald City, Block B, Fifth on the Park, Park Club, ELAD, WZMH, TorontoFacing southeast at The Colours of Emerald City, image by Craig White

Fifth on the Park will be the next building to finish construction in the Emerald City community, having recently topped out at 24 storeys. A tan brick finish has been applied to the building's podium, which hugs the curved alignment of Helen Lu Road. Above, a reflective window wall cladding with grey spandrel panels now rises to just below the tower's mechanical penthouse level, while clear balcony glazing now reaches over halfway to the top of the tower.

Emerald City, Block B, Fifth on the Park, Park Club, ELAD, WZMH, TorontoFifth on the Park (left) topped out in Emerald City, image by Craig White

Next door at The Park Club, crews are in the process of forming the tower's 33rd and final residential level, which will be followed by the mechanical penthouse topping off the building. Installation of a window wall cladding system with dark-tinted glazing and black spandrel panels now rises up to the tower's 11th floor, while the underpainting of balconies has reached the 27th floor.

Emerald City, Block B, Fifth on the Park, Park Club, ELAD, WZMH, TorontoThe Park Club approaching final height as cladding installation progresses, image by Craig White

Block B of Emerald City will eventually be joined a third block of three towers to the south. Block C marketing is in progress for the first two towers planned for the block; The Peak and The Point. Block C is being arranged as a near-exact mirror image of Block B. Unlike Block B however, where the tallest tower was the last to be marketed and built, Block C will see its tallest tower—The Peak—constructed first.

Emerald City, Block B, Fifth on the Park, Park Club, ELAD, WZMH, TorontoBlocks A (Left), B (centre), and C (right) of Emerald City, image courtesy of ELAD Canada

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