The clock is ticking down to December 17, the recently-announced opening date of six new stations on the Yonge-University Line. The subway extension will make travel to and through the northwestern reaches of Toronto and on into the rapidly-developing suburb of Vaughan much faster and more reliable. One of the primary beneficiaries of this new infrastructure will be York University, with two of the extension's six new stations directly serving the institution's growing enrolment. 

Right in the heart of York U's Keele Campus, the new York University Station—with a space-age design by Foster + Partners working with Arup Canada—will replace the scores of buses which now visit the campus every day. Located in the central quad and surrounded by institutional buildings, York University Station is all but complete, with all exterior finishes and signage in place in advance of the extension's opening later this year.

York University, Toronto, Vaughan, Line 1, TYSSEYork University Station nearing completion, image by Forum contributor PMT

Just north of Keele Campus and straddling the municipal boundary between Toronto and Vaughan in York Region, Pioneer Village Station will provide even more transit accessibility for York University, serving the campus' northernmost buildings, as well as students commuting from north of the institution. Designed by starchitect Will Alsop's aLL Design working with IBI Group, the station's weathering steel cladding has been catching the eyes of passersby on Steeles Avenue since exterior finishes began to take shape back in 2014. Like York University Station a short distance to the south, Pioneer Village Station is virtually complete, with work continuing on the York Region Transit terminal to the north of Steeles Avenue.

York University, Toronto, Vaughan, Line 1, TYSSEPioneer Village Station nearing completion, image by Forum contributor PMT

These two stations are opening at a time when new institutional and residential buildings are being built at York U's Keele Campus, soon to add more life to the university.

Now in the midst of structural forming just across from York U Station, the Schulich Research and Graduate Building will attach to the existing Seymour Schulich Building. Designed by Baird Sampson Neuert Architects, the three-storey, 67,000 ft² facility will serve as the new home for Schulich's post-graduate studies, housing three new classrooms, study space, faculty offices, and seminar rooms.

York University, Toronto, Vaughan, Line 1, TYSSESchulich Research and Graduate Building, image by Forum contributor PMT

Just to the south of the centre of campus is the new Student Centre, a four-storey structure by architects Cannon Design. The newest image captured from the site shows that the building is now at its final height, with framing and insulation now being installed to support the project's upcoming exterior treatment. Once complete in 2018, the project will add new study space, meeting rooms, club and student offices, administrative spaces, lounge areas, recreational uses, and more restaurant/retail space to York U.

York University, Toronto, Vaughan, Line 1, TYSSEYork U Student Centre under construction, image by Forum contributor PMT

New student housing is now opening. Developed privately by Campus Suites and located on campus, Quad at York features architecture by ARK Design, with twin six-storey volumes clad in aluminum composite panels. The new student residence building will feature a dozen quick service food shops at street level, while an engraved art installation is now part of its exterior, helping to add both street life and visual interest to Keele Campus.

York University, Toronto, Vaughan, Line 1, TYSSEQuad Student Residence, image by Forum contributor PMT

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