The competitive nature of Toronto's real estate industry is set to be turned up a notch later this year, with a boxing tournament starring 24 industry professionals in the fields of real estate, mortgage, and construction. Known as the Toronto Real Estate Rumble (TRERumble), the fundraising event is being held in partnership with charity imagine1day, which deploys teams of experts to lead education projects in rural Ethiopia. UrbanToronto is participating as an event sponsor.

Toronto Real Estate RumblePromotional image for the Toronto Real Estate Rumble, image via

TRERumble is the product of a partnership between Clancy's Boxing Academy namesake Michael Clancy, Garrison Hill Developments' Marcel Greaux, Foundry Mortgage Capital's Brennan Wood, and Concrete Mortgage's Daniel Mandel, bringing together the worlds of boxing and real estate and harnessing industry competitiveness in the name of charity.

"The Toronto real estate industry is ripe for an event that will engage the aggressive nature of the business while bringing the industry together to network in a social setting and support a charity that will help impact the transformation of a nation on the other side of the planet," said Garrison Hill's Marcel Greaux in a prepared statement. "We’re proud to support WE Charity and imagine1day and have a goal to raise $50,000 through the Toronto Real Estate Rumble.”

Before the planned November 22nd face-off at CBC’s Studio 40, the 24 amateur boxers must be selected from an all-ages pool with no prior boxing experience. A recruitment night is being held on Monday, August 28th at Clancy’s Boxing Academy where hopeful contenders can register for a two-week training and evaluation procedure set to begin on September 5th. Following the training and evaluation camp, two teams of 12 contenders will be announced on September 18th. 

The selection process will be followed by an extensive 12-week period of training where contenders will be guided by former Olympic boxers Mandy Bujold and Mark Simmons, and former National Team Coach Rico Mancini. During the training process, each fighter will be required to raise $1,000 for the imagine1day charity, with personal donor pages and charity meters being provided for fighters to track their donation progress.

The November date is being described as a gala event with an atmosphere evocative of a big-ticket Las Vegas boxing match, with a ring announcer, ring card girls, and even the choice of a fight entourage and customized entrance music for each individual fighter.