An updated Site Plan Approval for a mid-rise condominium on Sheppard Avenue East just east of Warden Avenue has been resubmitted to the City by Quadcam Development Group Inc. The new submission brings forward a number of modifications from the original 2012 proposal, which has now been revised for the second time. The Burka Architects and KFA Architects + Planners collaboration is set to rise with an 18-storey (192.6 ft) tower grounded by an elongated 6-storey podium at the south end of a large greenfield site. 

3220 Sheppard Avenue West, KFA Architects and Planners, Toronto Rendering of 3220 Sheppard Avenue West, image courtesy of KFA Architects and Planners

Originally, the proposal was set to rise two stories higher along Sheppard, but has since been reduced in response to recommendations from the City. The number of units as well as the unit mix has been revised, with the current total of 234 units divided between 4 bachelor (2%), 142 one bedroom (60%), and 88 two bedroom (38%) suites. Unlike many other developments along major avenues, however, no retail space planned on Sheppard Avenue, likely reflecting the relatively low passenger traffic along that stretch. 

In addition to the revised residential unit mix, the underground parking structure has also been modified. The garage has been reduced to 3 storeys below ground, and the layout of the levels has since been reorganized. The parking structure will house 261 total parking spaces, with 226 spaces dedicated to residents, and 35 dedicated for residential visitors.

3220 Sheppard Avenue West, KFA Architects and Planners, Toronto South Elevation Detail of 3220 Sheppard Avenue West , image courtesy of KFA Architects and Planners

Other modifications have also been made, the most visible being the new cladding and colour scheme of the entire building. The original proposal displayed a combination of red brick on the podium, precast concrete detail and green tinted glass as the project's skin. That has since been revised with a charcoal brick dominating the podium, off-white spandrel glass, with pre-finished aluminium detailing, and clear glass lining the unit windows. Retaining walls have also been changed from the original concrete to charcoal brick to match the rest of the building's colour scheme.

3220 Sheppard Avenue West, KFA Architects and Planners, Toronto Aerial View of the Site, image via Google

Finally, a major update is a confirmed watertight design of the below grade portion of the building, which was a major concern for City officials.

While the project is still making its way through the planning process, the development is now being marketed as East 3220, so we will be sure to keep you updated on any updates in the coming months. In the meantime, you can check out the database file for this project, linked below, for more information and renderings. You can join the discussion in the associated Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.